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in has been a known fact that the answer is 2% of people in the us can lick their elbow

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Because the US is in Texas and Texas in the US and people lick horses and watermelon

In the US, about 33 percent

the percent of the answear 17 percent.

24 percent of the people in the United States smoke.

No, unless you eat an apple and break five ribs then you will be able to do it. Well the guy who answered that ^ is an idiot. It is very possible to lick and even kiss your elbow. Although it is very difficult to do it is feasible. You just have to be very flexible or double jointed. My family is both and my sister is the most bendy of us all. She can KISS her elbow with ease. I agree the first dude is an idiot it is very possible to kiss your elbow.

The percentage of the total available wealth the richest 20 percent of the people in the US owned in 2002 was 84.5 percent. The US has many wealthy people.

its like how we kiss dogs lick so when they lick us they wont you to lick them in a way stroking them or scratching them will make them very happy

The percentage of people in the US who live in California is 10.87%

About 315,000,000 people live in the US. This is about 4.5% of the total human population.

Us Lick Spa Tenth Erode= a slick spot in the road

they are showing affectionate

Three percent of people in the US have a doctorate degree, and 27% of people US get a Bachelors Degree.

0.014 percent so sorry doesn't look like a lot of people will make it there

About twenty-two percent.

To many people with the last name of Chin

Almost impossible to answer if you don't tell us what else they are having in this meal.

Its as bad for a dog to lick human spit as it is for us to lick dog spit. So the answer is YESSSSS, iIT IS BAD FOR A DOG TO LICK HUMAN SPIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As of January 2014, ten percent of Americans were carpooling. Fifty-one percent carpool with a family member. The percent of people who carpool with just one other person is a little over 77 percent.

In the US as of 2008 approximately 75% do NOT recycle.

About 1/3 people in America are obese.

well depends on the "god" there are many

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