What percent of students work better with music playing?


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around 90% due to the fact that it relaxes the students and stimulates the mind


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In 1922, the Music Teachers National Conference noted that 75 percent of all concert audiences were women and 85 percent of music students were female. In 1978, 57 percent of all music students were female and 79 percent of all piano students were

By learning music, students improve their verbal memory, i.e. helping them do better in school.

I can be disruptive or it can really help the students to concentrate, depending on what music you're playing.

Students should not be able to listen to music in class because the students would pay more attention to the song they are playing more so than the teacher talking.

That depends on the mind set of the child and the type of music. Generally kids get disturbed by music.

Listening to music helps the brain work better, simply it makes you smarter. But playing an instrument is a lot better.

Music has a relationship with mathematics. There have been numerous studies that show that music students do better in math, though the full reason is not completely understood. The relationships between frequencies and octives and the circle of fifths are all mathematical as well as musical.

After 4 years of school my best guess is about 65/35 male/female

"the music sounds better with you" is the song title - it's by stardust

WNIC usually begins playing Christmas music around November 6th.

mobile is not good for student because students are always playing game listing music and always using facebook whatapps and etc ....they are not doing studing

There's actual scientific studies made in Finland which concludes that music is better for your health than sports. However, this does not mean that one should replace physical activity for music (listening or playing). The short answer would be: No. Sports are not better than music.

music help students because they concentrate more and they have something to think about

There is evidence that students that study music build connections in their brains that helps them in other subjects.

look in ur music appreciation book for the answer (instructors answer) Staccato style. (Students answer)

Yes, for example the more classical music you listen to is proven to improve math skills.

Soft instrumental music does help you study better - no loud noises, no heavy rhythm or beat and no vocals, though.

It really depends on what you want. Both have touch screens and can download software, but the iPod is much better at playing music while the 3DS is better at playing games and can display in 3D.

most students get to listen to music to help them focus and concentrate on their work.

People especially students often get distracted by background nosies. Having soft music helps students get on track and get their work done.

It all depends upon the interest of students. If a student has passion for music, then he can undertake music training. If not, the students should not be pressured to learn music. For more information visit the related link.

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