What percent of the world's population has a computer?

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Seeing how only people with computers will answer this question, Id say that means 100% of the world has them.
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What is the world's population?

Answer As of 2014, the world population had reached 7.2 billion. Inline with population projections, this figure continues to grow atrates that were unprecedented before the 20th century, although therate of increase has almost halved since its peak, which wasreached in 1963.

Who was the world's first computer programmer?

The world's first computer programmer was Ada Lovelace. Ada Lovelace (10 December 1815 -- 27 November 1852) worked with Charles Babbage the inventor of an early mechanical computer, the analytical engine. She developed what is now recognised as the first algorithm intended to be processed by ( Full Answer )

Who is the World's largest computer maker?

Microsoft . Microsoft also CEO and founder Willam Gates a.k.a Bill Gates . Actually the question was "Who is the world's largest computer maker?" . The correct answer would be HP, Microsoft is the largest software company. .

What percent of the world's population was killed in the holocaust?

The general estimate is that in 1940 there were 2.3 billion peoplein the world. Considering that the Holocaust was responsible forthe deaths of 6 million Jews and 5 million Non-Jews (Romani, Slavs,Dissidents, Jehovah's Witnesses, Homosexuals, Handicapped, andothers), 11 million / 2300 million = 0.47 ( Full Answer )

How big is the world's largest computer?

The largest computer ever built is called SAGE. It was built byIBM, and cost $67 billion. SAGE stands for semi-automatic groundenvironment.

What was the name of the world's first computer?

ENIAC Did you know: ENIAC was the size of a full room and could only doaddition. Wrong on several points. ENIAC's accumulators did addition or subtraction . ENIAC had a special unit called the multiplier that could control 4 accumulators to do high speed multiplication . ENIAC had a special u ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the world's population own a computer?

Computer ownership is now at about 4-5% of the worlds population; however, with many social projects putting computers in villages in developing countries between 12-14% of the worlds population have access to a computer. Approx 3-5 % of the world's population have internet access. To put this ( Full Answer )

Which is the world's best computer brand?

It depends on the kind of computer you wish to buy. There are several categories of computers and what individual needs are. Here are some of the best computers for different tasks: . Gaming: Alienware- these computers have raw power, perfect for gaming and movies. They are some of the best out t ( Full Answer )

What is the World's Black population estimate?

wikipedia says 840 million but many blacks areunder counted world wide example turkey said there is 800,000 black people but its was recently revealed there around 3 million and there are many places in the world where this happens so the real world wide black population is 1 billion or more around ( Full Answer )

What percent of the world's oxygen is from the rainforest?

Actually, rainforests (or any other type of forest) are not a source of net oxygen production. As vegetation grows it creates oxygen from CO2. The carbon is used to build the plant and the oxygen is released, but, when a plant dies the opposite happens. As it decomposes it produces CO2 and abso ( Full Answer )

How large was the world's first computer?

ABC was the size of a desk, but was not programable or general purpose. . ENIAC was the size of a room, 40 panels of standard 19 inch relay rack.

What was the world's first personal computer?

This is difficult to answer since the large, multi-room computers from the 1960s were eventually scaled down to include personal "workstations.". According to the Computer History Museum, the first stand-alone personal computer was the Kenbak-1 which was sold for $750, but was essentially just ligh ( Full Answer )

What percent of the world's population is Atheist?

2.5% of the worlds population are atheist but this figure is inaccurate since there are some regions of the world where it is a social stigma to be an atheist. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_atheism About 2.01 % are atheist, about another 16% are non-religiousaccording to Wikipedia

What percent of the world's population practices Scientology?

Realistically, a figure lower than 750,000 seems be more reasonable for this page's listing. Some documents suggest that even the tabulation of 750,000 based on country-by-country/state-by-state organizationally-provided data is quite out of date. Internal documents suggest 100,000 active members -- ( Full Answer )

If Allah is great then why does only 20 percent of the world's population believe in Islam?

First of all, "only" 20% of the world is huge. Islam is the second largest religion with 1.3 billion followers and the fastest growing. However, it isn't the number of Muslims that makes Allah great. Allah says in the Quran (cannot remember the exact aya right now) that one does not do Allah or I ( Full Answer )

What percent of the world's population follows Sikhism?

Its about 4%. . . 13.4% follow Hinduism 19.6% follow Islam 33% follow Jesus Christ. . .But you have to remember , its approximate ppl leave , they join , these figures were taken in 2000. . .And also remember , what you would define as a "text book practising Sikh" may not be how someone else define ( Full Answer )

What is the world's most smallest computer?

This is very hard to answer, as there are many different definitions of computers. There exist extremely simple computers smaller than a human blood cell, called nanoprocessors, but they are extremely limited in capability, usually only able to perform simple math or basic logic control. The s ( Full Answer )

He slew 25 percent of the world's population?

No political mass murderer has killed or "slew" alone. They were simply presiding over the government that allowed them to do such. While Adolf Hitler killed 10 to 20 million assorted people, and Josef Stalin 20 to 50 million, Mao Zedong is generally believed to have killed 100,000,000, the curre ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the world's population is uneducated?

Unbelievably, the percentage of the world's population being uneducated, is 46 percent. *Considering that most of the world's population is still involved in farming and other subsistence activities, in villages or smaller social units, the figure of 46 percent is not credible.

What percentage of world's population are Hindus?

According to the CIA World Factbook, out of the total world population of 7.015 billion 13.78% are Hindus. (as of 2009 estimation) Hinduism is growing at around 1.52 percent annually.

World's most populous island?

Java in Indonesia is a densely populated island which has a population about 2100 people every square mile. It has a population of 136 million as of 2010. After Java is Honshu, Japan which is second highest populous island and Great Britain ranks number three.

What is the world's population of women?

In humans the secondary sex ratio is commonly assumed to be 105 boys to 100 girls (which sometimes is shortened to "a ratio of 105"). In human societies, however, sex ratios at birth or among infants may be considerably skewed by sex-selective abortion and infanticide. The CIA estimates that the cur ( Full Answer )

What percent of the world's population owns a television?

About 20% of the world's population owns a television--that is to say, there is about one television for every five people on Earth. The number of 20% is assuming only one person owns one television, which usually doesn't happen.

What is the percent of world's refugees in Australia?

Australia only gets 0.1% (14,780) of the worlds total refugees. most refugees stay in their same country, just move to a different section or just cross the border into their neighbouring country.

What is the world's Muslim Shiite population?

Muslims in world are near 80% sunni and near 20% shia. researchers have counted up to 260 sect for Islam that they all belong to categories Sunni and shia. the main category of Shia is 12 Imami shia and other sects of shia are nearly extincted. there is at least 300,000,000 shia Muslims in world, ( Full Answer )

What percent of the world's population practice islamism?

It is important to note, first that Islam is a religion, but Islamism is something else. It is a political ideology whose goal is to bring the religious tenets of Islam into the daily functioning of a government and its laws. Islamism is a modern movement whose roots began contemporaneously with the ( Full Answer )

How many percent of the world's population are physically disabled?

There are no criteria for "physically disabled" as it could include colour blindness, near/far sighted, too tall or fat, the wrong skin colour to gt a job locally. Based on the wide range that it could be, almost everyone is physically disadvantaged if not diabled.

What was the world's leading computer producer?

Legendary for its efficient inventory and production systems, Dell climbed its way from being the world's seventh largest PC maker in 1992 to become the world's leading producer, with more than 14 percent of the market by 2001.

What is the world's hardest computer game?

There is currently a computer game called the World's Hardest Game which is a series of challenges one must complete. Some challenges seem easy enough to do, yet are very difficult to complete.

What is the name of the world's fastest computer?

China's Tianhe-2 (MilkyWay-2) came online only a few months ago to take the number one spot with a peak speed of 33.86 PFLOPS. It is supercomputer which is the most competent, most complex, fastest and is used in complex simulations of weathers, and atomic reactions. Edit: I believe what you mean ( Full Answer )