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There are different minimum wages for different countries, so since it's against the law, we would need to see the percent of the world's population that deals with illegal labor. It is certainly higher in newly industrialized countries that require mass labor, but since it's illegal we shouldn't know, or else we would have cracked down on them. Anyways, rest assured, the percentage is very low. So don't worry. However, poverty is very high. If you mean what percent of the world gets paid the American minimum wage, the percentage is some 30-40%.

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What is the minimum number of seats that each state gets in the house?

Each state gets a minimum of one representative.

What is the least number of congressmen can a state have?

Every state gets 2 Senators. The number of Representatives is based on population, but each state gets at least one. So three would be the minimum. Vermont, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Delaware, Wyoming and Alaska have the minimum number.

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what percentage of earth's population gets an education

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Australia only gets 0.1% (14,780) of the worlds total refugees. most refugees stay in their same country, just move to a different section or just cross the border into their neighbouring country.

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The population of each country does not determine the number of votes it gets. Each country normally has one vote regardless of its population.

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The number of House Representatives to which each state is entitled is based on its relative population compared to the population of all of the states. Every ten years, after every U. S. census, the 435 House seats are reapportioned to the states in such a way as to get as close as possible to each Representative representing the same number of people, with the exception that each state gets a minimum of one.

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the lightbulb guy who gets paid minimum wage

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yes he does even when he loses when he loses he gets minimum: 35,000

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