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What percent of women win child custody cases?


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That's interpretive as there are four levels of custody.

Sole Custody

Joint Legal with Primary Residential

Joint Physical Custody

Bird Nest Custody

Fathers with primary or sole custody runs 15%.

Joint physical custody runs 25%

Mother with primary or sole custody is 60%

But, single mothers have sole custody by default in 100% of the cases until ruled on otherwise by the courts. Also, attorneys tell fathers not to try for custody as they don't win, and most attorneys that do try are not fully capable of representing fathers, so the mothers win.

In the cases where fathers do challenge for custody, 60% of them will be accused of child sexual abuse as a tactic by the mother to prevent him getting it, but even when successful, they can still lose as 30% of them learn they are not the father of one or more of the children. If he does win custody, he can than be accused of domestic violence committed some time in the previous 12 months, as which point an injunction stops him from getting the child until he can prove himself innocent. If he does prove himself innocent, or it was found that he defended himself when she attacked him, then he cannot have custody because that's still considered domestic violence against the mother.

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Women already do pay child support. It's about where the children lives. If the father have custody, the major part or all, she will pay. It's just not as common as the mother having it. And child support is just a small part of what it costs to take care of a child so whoever the child lives with, is already paying most and in most cases that is the woman.

1st of all yes because the women ALWAYS gets custody of the child if u have a child and u get a step wife u ARE SCREWD! because if she leaves u she takes ur child YAY!

The federal Violence Against Women Act requires it.

No. The courts are not yet taking physical control over the bodies of women.

If the women is 40 years old + then its is around 80% likely she had or has a child.

yes, she can get a divorce in a Canadian Court however, the custody of said child will have to be a decision for a family court judge

If there is a court order for custody, visitation or child support she will need his permission. See related question link.

Basically no if the Father is an allies, he cannot stay in the country. He should process legal papers for the custody or else the custody might be given to the next of kin.

Not necessarily, but be advised that there is an interstate compact in effect among all states that they will each enforce the findings of the others child custody orders. Maryland may assist in the return of the child if the Indiana parent has legal custody under the provisions of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act. The Act was drafted in 1997 and has been adopted by 49 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and the US Virgin Islands. Massachusetts has not adopted it as of July, 2011. It was enacted in order to bring the Uniform Child Custody Act into Compliance with the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act and other federal statutes such as the Violence Against Women Act. Any court that has issued a child custody order consistent with the Act has continuing jurisdiction over the case until there is evidence there is no longer a custodial parent in the state. In other words, if the custodial parent continues to reside in the state that issued the custody order, that state retains jurisdiction over the child. This example is a simplification of the provisions in the Act. There are many sections and you can read more at the related link.

57% percent of college students are women

Women are designed by nature to take care. Even a three year old girl child feeds her father.

Sure, get a good lawyer to prove this point. If he only wants custody of your child when he's served with child support papers, this would be a red flag for a judge. Tell the court how long it's been since he's had anything to do with the child. A judge can see right through the smoke screen. No, as no attorney would tell a father this. Who would be supporting the child if he got custody? Only 15% of mothers are order to pay, of which 5% ever pay. That 1 out of 1000 custodial fathers getting child support. Further, even with sole custody, he can still be ordered to pay. At the current stage in fathers rights, this idea is an Urban Myth, though it may change now that more women are working than men and stay at home dads will have a greater chance of getting custody and child support as a growing number will have to go on Welfare.

Yes. Both parents have an obligation to care for young children, and this includes financial obligations.If one parent takes primary custody, the other parent is generally required to make child support payments to help cover reasonable costs associated with raising the child (including healthcare, clothing, food, and other essential expenses).Parents cannot avoid their obligations on the basis of their gender, and according to the letter of the law, men are just as likely to receive child support as women. However, in reality, that’s not the case. According to the U.S. Census, in 2013, 5,879,000 custodial mothers had child support child support agreements or awards, compared to only 739,000 custodial fathers.Several issues help to explain this:Women are more likely to maintain primary custody of their children. The idea that mothers always retain custody is a myth. While mothers had significant legal advantages in the early 20th century, modern custody standards award custody to the parent who provides a better environment for the child (often with visitation rights or shared custody arrangements to accommodate the other parent). The vast majority of custody cases aren’t decided by the courts, but rather through mediation or private arrangements.However, in American culture, mothers often act as the primary caregivers to their children, and they tend to retain primary custody during separations, especially when couples make voluntary custody arrangements.According to the Census, in 2013, 82 percent of custodial parents were mothers. That’s a huge percentage—and because the custodial parent always receives the child support, the fact that men rarely take primary custody creates a significant disparity between the sexes.Men usually make more money than women. Child support payments are partially based on income disparities between the partners. The court will consider the income of each parent, determine the financial needs of the child, and assess factors like the child’s standard of living and the needs of the custodial and non-custodial parent.Men generally make more money than women in the United States, so they’re more likely to pay more, even when sharing custody 50-50 with their ex-partners.Some men may not file for child support. In 2013, 53.1 percent of custodial mothers were awarded child support, compared with 31.4 percent of custodial fathers. Many of these parents make arrangements without involving the court, and it’s logical to assume that many fathers never bother filing in the first place, either due to social stigma or a belief that the courts won’t award them payments.Any custodial parent can file for child support, and in most states, it’s a fairly simple process. The first step is to contact your nearest child support office (in some states, you can also apply online). Not all parents will receive child support, but the genders of the parents will not affect the court’s ruling.Note that this answer is not intended as legal advice. If you’re involved in custody disputes or if you’re seeking child support from a partner, the safest course of action is to contact a qualified attorney in your state.

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Many times it is seen as more natural for children to stay with their mother, especially since Men are usually portrayed in culture as "Child-inept." A lot of it has to do with the reason the parents are divorcing, if it's for domestic violence of any kind of course the kids will go with the other parent. Ultimately the question of custody will be decided by who can prove to the Jude that they are better suited parents: have a good job, appropriate life style, can provide, etc.Another PerspectiveBecause in this time it has been acknowledged that throughout the history of the world women have been the parent in charge of childcare; women have been given the role of caring for the home and children and women are more accustomed to responding to the needs of others. Surprisingly, it is only recently that women were favored for custody. In past centuries they were not, the children were considered the property of their father. In many cases men do have custody of their children.

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Each case is different, but many women are worse off divorced than they were married. They may have been out of the workforce for years, raising children and running a home. It is difficult to rebuild a career and income later in life. On the other hand, most women are favored when it comes to custody decisions.

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