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It varies by person and probably by pregnancy. There is no real way to tell how much they will grow or if they'll grow at all.

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Q: What percentage do the areola and nipples grow during pregnancy?
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How do you make my nipples darker?

Nipples will darken during pregnancy.

Is it common to have hair growth around nipples during pregnancy?

Yes, and you might not have even noticed before you were pregnant, but there is actually a good bit of hair around the areola beforehand.

Do your nipples hurt in the fist month of pregnancy?

Yes; it is common to have sore nipples during the first trimester of your pregnancy.

Do nipples leak during early pregnancy?


During your first month into your pregnancy do your nipples turn colors.?

No the nipples do not change colors.

Why do girls like their nipples?

The breasts and especially the areola and nipple of females can be very sensitive and give pleasure during arousal and coitus.

Is it normal to be experiencing numbness in your nipples during pregnancy?

That is perfectly normal.

Why do nipples grow during pregnancy?

They grow into proper baby suckling nozzles. Until the first pregnancy, thick, prominant nipples would just be nuisance.

Do areola change color during pregnancy?

It does change in later stages of pregnancy. But not sure if it really starts in the first 2-4 weeks. - ASY

Do womens nipples change in color after pregnancy?

Yes they usually gets darker during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Should i be worried if your nipples are burning and a lump formed during pregnancy?


When should you start producing breast milk in pregnancy?

You are not supposed to start producing milk during pregnancy. You can express little yellowish fluid from the nipples, during pregnancy.

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