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Q: What percentage does carbon make up of earths environment?
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How can the release of carbon dioxide as pollution affect Earths climates?

the polluting carbon dioxide can make the earths climates warmer

What Earth layers make up the most percentage of earths mass?

The mantle layer.

What percentage of iron and carbon make up steel?


How much of earths land percentage is desert?

Deserts make up 33% of the Land's surface

What gases make up the greatest percentage of earths atmosphere?

The gas which makes up the greatest percentage of earth's atmosphere is nitrogen with 78.08%.

What greenhouse gas used to make up most of earths early atmosphere?

Carbon dioxide, CO2

What do plants do to help the environment?

It depends on what aspect of the environment you are looking to improve. In any environment, it is the native species which are the best.

What do plants do to the environment?

Plants are big carbon sinks, they make there parts with carbon compounds and they take in a lot of the carbon dioxide pumped into the air by humans.

What decisions can you make about your environment to improve your health?

Recycle,reduce amount of carbon, exercise spread the word about cleaning the environment

How might cutting down a large percentage of earths forests affect the greenhouse affect?

it will make the earth hotter

What are 4 gases that make the earths atmosphere?

78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% carbon dioxide and other minute gases

What gases make up the earths atmosphere today?

Nitrogen (78%), Oxygen (21%) and other (Carbon Dioxide, Argon: >1%)