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0.3% of people make $1million or more. So that is 3 out of every 1000 Americans or about 900k people in the US.


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1 million American Dollars? Less than 1 percent.

About 1.3 million Americans earn over $500,000 dollars per year. One half million dollars is far above the median average the of American.

What percentage of Americans earn their living in the service industry today?

The minimum is around 2 millions dollars a year or 1.5 million. the max, if you were good, would be like 5 to 6.5 million dollars a year.

They earn 8 million dollars.

Madam C.J. Walker was the first woman ever black or white to earn a million dollars p.s. she was An African American Tati

10 .6 million dollars easy hard 50.5 million dollars

About 190 million dollars

The first woman to earn a million dollars in the U.S. is Madame C.J. Walker aka Sara Breedlove. BLACK PEOPLE ARE AWESOME!

If he has a good year he can earn up to 4 million dollars per year

he has about 400 million dollars

He earns 40 million dollars.

There are many ways to earn a million dollars. You could invest money monthly in an interest bearing account and wait for it to accumulate to a million dollars. This will probably take up to 50 years depending on your monthly investment. You could win the lottery which is very unlikely. Most of the time people who earn a million dollars work very hard and are go-getters who innovate and are motivated. They don't spend their money, they save it and they invest it intelligently. Unfortunately there is no tried and true formula for earning a million dollars or we would all have a million dollars or more!

Over 65 percent of Americans earn over 65000 dollars per year. Most households in America are in this bracket of income.

2.5 million dollars10 Million Estimated

His net worth is 15 million dollars

about 1-2 million dollars a year

i caddy at a local golf course.

Dave Parker was the first Major League ballplayer to earn one million dollars a year, when he signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates in January of 1979. The contract was for $5 million over five years.

Rob the first national bank of America without leaving a trace or being noticed lugging around a million dollars in cash.

Calvin Johnson makes about 400.9 million dollars per year and 99 million dollars per game

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