What percentage of Americans own a computer?

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A recent survey conducted by Opinion Research Corporation's CARAVAN poll found that three-in-four American adults (76%) own a computer (2005)
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How many Americans own a computer?

Based on the Government Census it is to believe in 2015 84% of allAmericans own a computer and actively use the internet.

What percentage of Americans own guns?

At the end of 2010 it was estimated that 45% of Americans own guns. If you took the percentage of guns to the number of Americans, the number rises to 90%. Of course, many of these numbers are off due to many gun transfers at gun shows which is a transfer from one private collection to another, so i ( Full Answer )

What percentage of liberals own guns?

That is a real tough question to answer since most liberals won't admit to owning guns. There would have to be mandatory gun registration to identify who the gun owners are and the conservatives are deathly opposed to that. Liberals are in support of gun registration however they won't register thei ( Full Answer )

What percentage of computers are Mac?

The Mac market share is about 8%, according to NetApplications. However, about 70% of computers are used in businesses, and virtually all business computers run Windows, so consumer market shares of the Mac operating system is about 25%. And climbing rapidly. 40% of college students will be buying M ( Full Answer )

What percentage of UK population has a computer?

I would say that since the flop of Vista and the reliability of Mac OS X Leopard then this figure has recently altered, from what it once was, to Apple gaining market share.. I would say that since the flop of Vista and the reliability of Mac OS X Leopard then this figure has recently altered, from ( Full Answer )

What percentage of US households have a computer?

From the US Census Bureau: "51 percent of US households had one or more computers in the home in August 2000, up from 42 percent in December 1998." Also, "9-in-10 School-Age Children Have Computer Access.". Leichtman Research Group . Durham, NH - June 7, 2007 - New consumer research from L ( Full Answer )

What is the computer litracy percentage in India?

6.14 %,... as according to ebiz.com . Thy say that this is an added advantage, since the other 93.86% people do not know have enough computer knowledge, it actually means there 93.86% market to invest in making India a completely literate country in the field of computers. So Indian markets boom in ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the world owns a computer?

Today about ten percent of the world's population-some 600 million people-have access to connected computing. Evidence suggests, however, that this number may grow dramatically. Mobile telephony promises to reach some two billion subscribers soon. As Moore's Law continues to drive down the cost of c ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the world's population own a computer?

Computer ownership is now at about 4-5% of the worlds population; however, with many social projects putting computers in villages in developing countries between 12-14% of the worlds population have access to a computer. Approx 3-5 % of the world's population have internet access. To put this ( Full Answer )

What percentage of Americans own stock?

Because there are many ways to "own" stock, this question can have many answers. For example, if you own a mutual fund in your company's retirement plan, you can be said to be the "owner" of the stocks that are in the mutual fund. That's in spite of the fact that you probably don't know what they ar ( Full Answer )

Percentage of computer literacy in India?

The percentage of computer literacy in India has improved in the2000s, as it was at a low six percent. In 2014, however, it isstill fairly low, at 15 percent.

What percentage of Americans own their own business?

The percentage of the U.S. population that is starting a business is declining. Data from the Federal Reserve indicates that the percentage of American households that own a business decreased from 14.2 percent in 1983 to 11.4 percent in 2004. According to http://www.smallbusinessnewz.com

What percentage of households own computers in 2008?

I've been looking on Google but the closest I can get to the full answer right now is 59.4% of households owning computers in 2008 were single-person households. Anyone else have a link to help get a little closer to the whole thing? It would be much appreciated.

What percentage of the world own a television?

An estimated 7.8 billion people live on Earth, and an approximately5.4 billion own televisions. So around 90% or 4/5 of the world ownsa television. By the way, China owns 28.2% of that pie, around 800million televisions, the most of any country. The U.S. is in secondwith 290 million televisions, or ( Full Answer )

What percentage of Americans own foreign cars?

In 2010, about 44 percent of cars on American roads were of foreignmanufacture. Japanese automaker Toyota sells more foreign cars inthe US than any other company.

What is the percentage of people in the US that own a computer?

That Q it hard to answer because people buy computers every day and most people have computers....... but they just don't use them at all. 97% of the world have pcs. the rest have a computer with a Linux operating sytem or they have apples OS X or a mac.

What percentage of Americans own a gun?

It is estimated that the number is between 35 and 45%. Since most states do NOT require that guns be registered, it will have to remain an estimate.

What percentage of the world have computers?

Almost 100% of the world have computers. With the widespread availability of portable laptops computers can reach areas where they have never been before. Specialist computers are required for the extreme temperatures of, for example, the Arctic and Antarctic.

What percentage of Americans are computer literate?

The term literate needs some definition first before this question can be answered. Surfing the net or checking and composing an email or playing a game does not constitute net literacy. An organized desktop with information resources of all types would be an indication that someone is net literate ( Full Answer )

What percentage of the world owns a house?

According to a study done by housing finance international in 2003 it was estimated that 67.8% of people in the world owned homes however due to this recession and many political conflicts that have happened since 2003 I imagine the rate is a bit lower (maybe around 50-55%)

Does the WWE own a percentage of TNA?

In short, Yes. In full, no not really. They own a small amount, maybe only 1 - 2% of the shares but use this to influence votes among other shareholders. Fair or not, you decide...

What percentage of people own a computer in Washington State?

With Microsoft's headquarters located in Bellevue, Washington, there should be a great many of the residents owning a computer. In addition, with Microsoft's computer giveaway to schools, it makes it even greater. I would guess that 85% or greater of the population owes a computer. AMC

What percentage of Americans own a home phone?

I'd like to know too. I work for a non-profit and recently sent out texts to a group of people, and I was pretty surprised to find several had given us home phone numbers. I had a home phone as late as a couple years ago, but I still never gave out that number. I just occasionally made calls from it ( Full Answer )

What percentage of Americans own their home property and do not have mortgages?

According to the article in the related link one-third of Americans own their property and are mortgage free. That figure varies by location. The figures from the latest census are not available but that statistic probably remains stable since those are the people who seem to manage their finances w ( Full Answer )

What percentage of people own a PlayStation?

50 Million PS3 150 Million PS2 70 Million PSP and 100 Million Playstations have been sold and the World Population is over 6 Billion and it is said it will hit 7 Billion sometime during 2011. A single percent of 7 Billion would be 70 million and that is how many have PSPs. twice that have PS2s, and ( Full Answer )

What percentage of antarctica do the Norwegians own?

No country, not even Norway, owns any of Antarctica. From this link, you can review Norway's claims on the continent: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Territorial_claims_in_Antarctica#Official_claims

What percentage of the American population is computer literate?

About 10% Computer literacy is not just learning to use a few specific applications (Word, Excel, Calculator), you basically need to get a feel of the computer, and have some basic knowledge about the processor and such. The reason so many people are computer illiterate is that they see no need fo ( Full Answer )

What can a computer do on its own?

nothing, it cant do anything without been told. unless someone has coded it to do something in (for example) an hour and no one was on the computer an hour later but thats still been told to do something. most computers come were they clean themselves up evey once in a while. while you didnt tell i ( Full Answer )

What percentage of computers are outside the US?

According to 2011 figures, the US has 321.4 million computers "in-use" out of a worldwide total of 1,657 million units. That equates to 80.6% of computers outside the US.

What percentage of computers run on Unix?

Unix is not very popular with the general public. A more popular version is Linux. Around twenty percent tend to run on this system. Unix has competition also.

What percentage of citizens in North Korea own a computer?

North Korea is starting to open up to the world now that Kim Jong-Eun took power, no one knows who directly owns computers but you can use a computer in any public library there. Internet is limited but tourists and high ranking officials have access, also mobile phones are becoming popular.

What percentage of Queensland own a car?

Queensland has approximately 730 registered vehicles for every 1000 people, which translates to approximately 73% of the population owning a car. As of the 2012 census, Queensland is showing a 3% annual growth rate for car registrations.

How do you compute percentage of completion?

It is 100*Amount Done/Total Amount Both these amounts must be measured in the same way but could be the number of stages, or number of days, or number of man-hours, etc.

What percentage of Antarctica does Chile own?

None. By international treaty no country can claim land inAntarctica. Another Answer Chile claims a slice of Antarctica, as do eleven othernation-states. Its claim spans 53°W to 90°W and from the South Poleto 60°S. Their claim overlaps claims by Argentina and by the UnitedKingdom. It's ar ( Full Answer )