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What percentage of Australians play soccer?

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Are Australians good at soccer?

Yes, Australians are very good at football and play just like most of the world does.

What is the percentage of women that play soccer?


What percentage of Americans play soccer?


What percentage of high school soccer players play college soccer?


What is the percentage of people who play sports?

60% of australians play sport Answer : The actual percentage is 87.6% depending on your definition of "sport" technacly only 50% of the populatoin play sports

What is the percentage of soccer players on earth?

There is over 6 billion people that play soccer so I think that it is 91% of the 6,588,348,576 people play soccer.

What sports does Australians play?

Australians play Cricket

Are there any special sports that Australians play?

Australians enjoy a number of different sports, including AFL, cricket, soccer, basketball - all sports also enjoyed by other countries.

What percentage of americans that play soccer are lesbians?

sixty per cent

What percentage of australians have high blood pressure?

97% of australians have hypertension

What is the percentage of people play soccer in Australia?

Two-thirds of all the people in Australia have played or still play soccer. It is the most popular sport in Australia.

How many people play soccer worldwide What percentage is that compared to how many people play in the US?


What percentage of Australians are buddist?

About 32%

What percentage of australians are catholic?

About 45%

What percentage of Australians have a mortgage?


What is the name of the Australian Women's soccer team?

The Australians Women's soccer team is known as the Matildas.

What percentage of Australians have access to water?

100 percent of Australians have assess to clean water

How many people play soccer in Italy?

The percentage will be very high as it is their national game.

What is the percentage Australians recycle?

7 percent

What Percentage of Australians own a car?


What percentage of Australians have a gym membership?


What percentage of Australians live in the outback?

Less than 10 percent of Australians live in the outback.

What percentage of Mexican citizens play soccer?

Approximately 7.4% (8.4 out of 112.3 million for 2010) of Mexico's citizens play soccer, being professionally, semi-professionally or amateurly played.

What kind of music do Australians play?

Australians only listen and play digerydoos they have no idea about other forms of music.

What percentage of Australians live in cities?

70 percent