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What percentage of Europe's Jewish population was killed during World War 2?


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App. 76% of European Jews were slain during the Holocaust.

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A 3rd of Europes population was affected.

That was either Lithuania or Poland. Undoubtedly Lithuania because just about all the Jewish ghettos build there were burned down.

About 6 million Jews were killed in the holocaust alone in WWII which is about 11% of all Jews in population during the years of 1939-1945

Just before the Holocaust there were about 18 million Jews world wide, and about one third (33%) were killed in the Holocaust.

Approximately 1.5% of the population of France was nobles during the French Revolution.

In 1938 there were about 9.4 million Jews in Europe and about 6 million were murdered - in other words, about 64%.

Heres the death toll of Jews murdered in the holocaustr by countryPoland3,300,000=Prewar Jewish population3,000,000= Number of Jews murdered90%= countries Jewish population deadBaltic countries253,000=Prewar Jewish population228,000= Number of Jews dead90%=countries Jewish population deadGermany & Austria240,000=Prewar Jewish population210,000= Number if Jews dead90%=countries Jewish population deadBohemia & Moravia90,000=Prewar Jewish population80,000=Number of Jews murdered89% countries Jewish population deadSlovakia90,000= Prewar Jewish population75,00083%=countries Jewish population deadGreece70,000=Prewar Jewish population54,000=Number of Jews murdered77%=countries Jewish population deadNetherlands140,000=Prewar Jewish population105,000=Number of Jews murdered75%=countries Jewish population deadHungary650,000=Prewar Jewish population450,000=Number of Jews murdered70%=countries Jewish population deadByelorussian SSR375,000=Prewar Jewish population245,000= Numbers of Jews dead65%= countries Jewish population deadUkrainian SSR1,500,000=Prewar Jewish population900,000=Number of Jews murdered60%= countries Jewish population deadBelgium65,000=Prewar Jewish population40,000=Number of Jews murdered60%=countries Jewish population deadYugoslavia43,000=Prewar Jewish population26,000=Number of Jews murdered60%= countries Jewish population deadRomania600,000=Prewar Jewish population300,000=Number of Jews murdered50%=countries Jewish population deadNorway2,173=Prewar Jewish population890=Number of Jews murdered41%= countries Jewish population deadFrance350,000=Prewar Jewish population90,000=Number of Jews murdered26%= countries Jewish population deadBulgaria64,000=Prewar Jewish population14,000=Number of Jews murdered22%=countries Jewish population deadItaly40,000=Prewar Jewish population8,000=Number of Jews murdered20%= countries Jewish population deadLuxembourg5,000=Prewar Jewish population1,000=Number of Jews murdered20%= countries Jewish population deadRussian SFSR975,000=Prewar Jewish population107,000=Number of Jews murdered11%= countries Jewish population deadFinland2,000=Prewar Jewish population22=Number of Jews murdered1%= countries Jewish population deadDenmark8,000= Prewar Jewish population52= Number of Jews deadTotal8,861,800= Prewar Jewish population5,933,900= Number of Jews murdered66.9604%=countries Jewish population dead

Loyalist made up about twenty percent of the population during the American Revolution.

Approximately two-thirds (66%) of all European Jews were killed during the Holocaust. About one-third of the worldwide Jewish population was eradicated.

Poland. Just before the start of World War 2 Poland had a Jewish population of about 3.3 million.

About 450,000 (out of a total population of 47 million).

During WWII, the Jewish population of Denmark helped the Jews go to Sweden, which was a neutral country during WWII.

The National Jewish Population Survey (NJPS), sponsored and conducted by the UnitedJewish Communities and released in October, 2002, showed a U.S. Jewish population atthe end of 2001 of 5.2 million, slightly below the 5.5 million found in 1990.According to the 2000 US Census, the total US population was 281,421,906, an increaseof 13.2% over the total enumerated during the 1990 Census.The ratio of the 2001 NJPS to the 2000 US Census was 5.2 million / 281.4 million, or 0.01848,equivalent to1.85 percent of the US population. (rounded)

The Jewish population of Austria just before the country was seized by the Nazis in March 1938 was about 183,000. Many fled abroad, but an estimated 65,000 were killed in the Holocaust.

Mexico had 112.34 million inhabitants during 2010, accounting for approximately 1.62% of the world's population.

The population who died during the War could be as high as 72,707,700 which is about 3.70% of the world's population.

40% of the population of England were killed during the black death.

After the holocaust the Jewish religion was and still is considered more of a culture, just like it was during the Holocaust. About 6 Billion people make up the worlds population and from that there are only 4 million Jews (a very small amount). There would be a bigger Jewish population if 6 Million+ Jews were annihilated during the Holocaust.

Of the cities occupied by the Nazis, the one with the largest Jewish population in 1939 was probably Warsaw, which had a total population of 1.3 million, of which about 400,000 was Jewish. Vilnius, Minsk and Lviv (also known as as Lvov and as Lemberg) had very large Jewish populations, also Lodz.

The percentage of marriages in Ghana for the various regions during the 2000 population and housing ceeensus.

the Black Death or Bubonic Plague caused from bacteria yersinia pestis peaked in Europe during 1348 and 1350. Killing approximately 30-60% of Europes population/

The Austalian population before world war 2 was just under 7 million and during WW2, 40,500 people were killed during WW2. 700 were civilian deaths and 39,800 were military deaths. This is a percentage of 0.579% of the Australian population, which were killed in WW2.

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