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German Loss of Territory after WW1The losses amounted to about 13% of German territory.
2011-09-20 21:45:23
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What was Germanys outcome in World War 1?

They lost.

Why did the map of Europe change significantly from World War 1 to World War 2?

because the communist and germanys country lost power

What country lost the least land post world war 1?

The U.S lost the least land

Show you movie titles containing the word lost?

Lost Horizons Land of the Lost Lost World Lost Boys Paradise Lost

How much land was gained in World War 1?

The central powers were the ones who lost the most land. The central powers were the ones who lost the most land.

What countries lost territory after World War 2?

Germany lost the tritories they had won, japan lost control of Korea and frenchindo china, and Hungary - Lost land to Romania. and Bulgaria - Lost land to Greece (this is not a complete list!!)

What countries lost land during world war 1?

One main country that lost land was France. The named land was called The Rhineland (Eastern France, bordering Germany).

How much did the loser of world war 1 have to pay?

When the Germans lost the ww1 they were made to pay for all the damage that was caused during the war, also Britain raised germanys taxes, which contributed to the start of the second world war.

How and when did the US get in World War 1?

In 1923 when germany lost land

Which countries in World War 1 gained land and which countries lost land?

Great British and Spain

What percentage of Germany' land was lost after World War 2?

The size of Germany before WW2, in 1925: 468,787 km2 The size of Germany now is: 357,021 km2 So the loss is: 23,84%

How much land did Germany lost in world war 1?

about 14 percent

What allied country lost the most land after world war 1?


What country lost the most people and land in World War 1?


Was there land lost after the French and Indian War?

No land was lost.

What is the ISBN of The Land I Lost?

The ISBN of The Land I Lost is 0064401839.

Who possessed land lost by Russia after world war 1?

Russia, technically, gave up the land to Germany. However, after the Central Powers lost the war, that land was made into new countries, such as Finland and Poland.

Was land lost for japan after World War 1?

Japan was on the winning side in WW1. It didn't loose any land.

How many pages does The Land I Lost have?

The Land I Lost has 144 pages.

Who lost and gained more people and land in World War 1?

Germany lost a lot of land and rights and adjacent countries gained land and some new countries gained independence. Germany lost a lot of people and I dont think anyone gained people.

Why did Germany attack Poland during world war 2?

To regain their land they lost after World War 1.

Who lost land in the Arab-Israeli conflict?

The Arabs consistently lost land land through war and Israel consistently lost land through peace.

What country lost the most land in Europe as result of world war 1?


As a result of world war 1 what country lost most land in Europe?

Russia. :)

What land had France lost to Germany in World War I?

France did not lose any land to Germany in World War 1 (1914-18). Are you thinking of a different war?