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wat is the pupolarity of school


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University of California Students Association's population is 7.

MUST University definitely has students in California, since it is an online university. It has students from almost every state and every country.

the students that attend university of California Santa Barbara gauchos is 21,108

The University of Southern California is the oldest private university in the state. It was founded in 1880. In 2012, there were about 18,000 students enrolled.

According to Mark G. Yudof, the President of the University of California, "The number of undergraduate students at the University this year (2010) is 175,000"

The University of Maryland is a public university as it is funded by the state of Maryland. Because of this, many residents of Maryland attend the university as it is close and cheaper for in-state students.

The University of Southern California (USC) was founded in Los Angeles in 1880 with 53 students and 10 teachers.

38,010 students make up the student body of the University of Southern California. Of those students, 17,414 are undergraduate students.

The average SAT score of students admitted to California State University of Los Angeles is close to 1900. There is no minimum required score.Ê

The city basically orbits around the university, where 1/6 of residents are students, and many more are employed at the university. Much of the city's architecture, tourism and international fame come from the university.

how many people attend to univerity of california, Los Angeles

1200 doctoral students. Hope this helped! (:

San Francisco State University in California estimates 2013 room and board costs will be $12,700 for on campus students and $4500 for students living at home.

There are several good and cheap universities in California for foreign students. A few colleges are Patten University, Lincoln University, and Santa Barbara Business College Santa Maria.

there are over 1,000,000 students in sac state. sac state is the biggest university in the whole world. there are over 1,000,000 students in sac state. sac state is the biggest university in the whole world.

49% of students are male which is the average across the United States.

If you're talking about an overall percentage of students, from all universities, the number is very low. Law schools though make up a large percentage of schools, around 10%.

It depends on which University of California you're talking about. There are many (E.G., UCLA, UCSD, UCBerkeley...). You can usually find their demographics info on their respective home-pages.

In-state tuition and fees costs $11, 837 for students living on campus. It is $456/credit hour for in-state students. Room and board is an additional $9,982.

Harry W. Case has written: 'The California bachelor of science engineering graduate' -- subject(s): Berkeley University of California, Engineering students, Engineers, Los Angeles University of California

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