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An adult human body has 206 bones. Each foot has 26 bones. That's slightly more than 25%.


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There are 26 total bones in one foot, so there are 52 bones in two feet.

They walk using the bones in their feet. The bones in their feet differ from those in a human though. Pigs have 3 major bones while humans have many.

Around 26% of your bones are in your hands and over half of your bones are found in both hands and your feet. 26 bones in each foot and 27 bones in each hand.

Adult humans have 206 bones.

Giraffes have the same amount of neck bones as humans but do not have the same amount of bones as humans. =p

The bones in your hands and feet are both short bones.

There are 27 separate bones in a humans hand

Human ankle and feet have 52 bones in them and feet alone have 26 bones in it. The human ear has 3 bones in the middle ear. So the feet have more bones than the ear has.

The answer is short bones, Short bones are the chunky, wide bones of the feet and wrists.

The adult human body has 206 bones. Humans are born with 300 to 250 bones. These bones fuse together as an infant grows. More than half of the body's bones are in the hands feet.

there are two bones in a humans big toe

One fourth of the bones in our body are in our feet.

There 27 bones in a hand . That mean 54 in both hand.There 26 bones in a feet. That mean 52 in both feet.So we have exactly 106 bones in hand and feet.

Adult humans have fewer bones than infants. Adults have 206 bones infants have 300+ bones.

Adults have one. but it started off as six bones that fuse together.

yes, a dolphin does have a back bone, just like humans the dolphin has bones in their fins like finger bones and in their tail fins they have bones like feet bones. They are mammals just as we are and we both are called vertebrates (having backbones).

If humans have not bones then he is nothing. Bones keep our body together and upright. He cannot do anything.

Your hand has 52 bones and your foot has 54. Therefore feet have the most bones

Cranial bones are bones of the head, tarsal bones are bones of the feet.

they are irreglar bones

The strength of bones is dependant on the cross sectional area. Cows are large animals and equivalentt bones on cows are larger than those of humans. The implication is that cattle have stronger bones than humans.

no humans do the giraffe has the same spine and same legs but we have more because of out feet and head

There are 26 bones in each foot, so there are 52 bones in the human feet together.

205 bones. No actually Humans have 205 bones and Horses have one more then Humans so that makes them have 206

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