What percentage of annual US deaths occur in emergency rooms?

Locations of death within USA

In the USA about 33% of all annual deaths occur in hospitals. Approximately twenty percent die annually in nursing homes. Another 13% of deaths occur in ER's or are persons brought to ERs dead on arrival.

Using hospice data we know that seventeen percent of annual USA deaths are in private homes under hospice care and 6% of annual deaths occur in a hospice facilities.

The remaining 11% of annual USA deaths consist of patients who die at home not under hospice care or those who die in other locations.

Therefore, Re. Annual USA Deaths

1) 46% occur within hospitals or their emergency rooms

2) 20% occur within nursing homes

3) 6% occur in hospice facilities

4) 17% occur at home under hospice care

5) 11% occur unassociated with hospitals, ERs, hospice or nursing homes.