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- "Europe draws nearly a third of its energy from nuclear power..." "Only about 30 percent of Europe's electricity is produced by nuclear plants..." "Across the 25 EU states, 148 nuclear reactors account for 32 percent of electricity needs..."

All on the first page of a Google search...

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Q: What percentage of electricity in Europe is produced by nuclear power?
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What is positive about using nuclear energy?

Nuclear energy releases no greenhouse gasses and in comparison with solar energy, it's way cheaper. It also produces cheap electricity, France has the cheapest electricity in Europe and the get almost 80% of their electricity from nuclear power plants. It's also highly sustainable, contrary to what many think. Bernard Cohen proved that we can last billions of years on nuclear energy!

Why does Europe and other countries like japan have more nuclear power plants campared to other types of power?

France produces about 80% of its electricity by nuclear plants, but this is an exception in Europe, most countries with nuclear plants have about 20%, as in the USA. Not sure about Japan, but nuclear appeals there I think because they have little fossil fuels in the country. See for a more detailed survey.

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