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There are many high school students that will not report bullying so stats are difficult to give. Those that were reported in the U.S. is 29% and 23% in Canada. Groups are forming to begin to deal with this situation because doctors, psychiatrists are realizing that children that are bullied or teased in high school often have a high suicide rate and it's becoming a bad problem. Teenagers can become extremely depressed or refused to attend school and if at all possible they will leave school. It is also said that bullies of other kids often end up with a criminal record. We all know there is a pecking order and that some teenagers are not always nice to be around, but bullying has no place in school when it demoralizes or physically harms another student. This can also happen especially from Grade 7 - 8 in elementary schools.

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What percentage of kids are bullies in the school in the US?

Well...I should say 50% or below, because ANYONE can bully!

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Problems in higher education?

One problem in higher education is kids that are dropping out of school. There are also a lot of bullies that are making the kids miserable while they are in high school.

What percentage of kids are bullies in school in the us?

many refuse to admit and some schools don't report so we know it's at least 29%

What percentage of high school kids call help lines about bullying?


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160000 of student stay home . cause of big bullies problem

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What percentage of primary school kids are bullied?

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