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77% of the kids in the U.S. have been bullied!!

Over millions of people have pets in ze United States of ze America.

72,114,000 is the number of how many people have dogs as their pets just in the US

I do and im 13...ther is a lot of kids who have cellphones

I dont know the percentage of people that own a cell phone but their are approximately 127.5 million people own one just in America.

Almost half, 47%, of US citizens own a stock in the stock market. 53% have no money invested in stocks.

Just in the US, about 46% own or have owned a Schnauzer breed in the past 3 years.

There are actually HUNDREDS of people around the US who own foxes as pets. They buy them from the many breeders around the US, who have been breeding domestic foxes for generations to sell as pets.

115.4 million homes in the United States own pets according to the National Pet Owners Survey of 2007. For a broken down list of pets owned by type, total number pets in the Unites States, and statistics from former years, go to

They can, with the right training and such. If you're more curious, consult any of the hundreds of people around the US who own these lovely critters as household pets.

Approximately 76% of the American population owns a laptop.

Well...I should say 50% or below, because ANYONE can bully!

Toy'r'us but with PETS.

No, foxes are legal pets in the US, excluding some states that have a ban on the animal as pets. Check your states' laws and regulations to find out whether you can legally own one in your state.

The percentage of the total available wealth the richest 20 percent of the people in the US owned in 2002 was 84.5 percent. The US has many wealthy people.

It depends on where you live. You can have up to about 8 or 9 without a permit but if you want more you need a permit.

From the percentage of teens I know, more then 85% smoke marijuana. That's just in one small city in a state. I can not say for any other places.

what percentage of US men are homosexuals?

According to the US Census from 2002, the answer to this question is about 8 percent. The reasons why the number is not higher is primarily due to the difficulty in earning enough money to live on your own without a high school diploma or GED.

With all of the pets that people can have what is the average between them?

Yes, people are allowed to have pets in the US. The only restriction to having a pet is when you rent your living quarters from an individual or a company that does not permit pets in that building.

You can purchase Nike Shoes for kids at Kids "R" Us, JC Penny, Foot Locker, Shoe Carnival, Babies "R" Us, Champs Sports, Amazon and even Nike's own website. There are a lot of options available.

The answer will depend on what exactly you are trying to measure:working women in the US as a percentage of women in the US,women working in the US as a percentage of women working in the world,working women in the US as a percentage of worker in the US.There are probably other possibilities.

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