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AnswerYou'll never get true stats on this one as the little hairy buggers are just too sneaky. As we speak there could be several thousand of them sneaking around. I wouldn't just count men in this as women are running a close second.


AnswerIf women are second who is third??? I say both have the same % of cheating. AnswerWomen cheat alot too, I have too many girlfriends who have cheated on their men, Im the only faithful one. AnswerAre u sure about that?
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Q: What percentage of men cheat on their wives?
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What percentage of wives want to cheat?

60 %

Percentage of married men who cheat?

It's 99 percentage married men cheat on there wife

What percentage of men does not cheat on their wives?

ANSWER: What a good question, let's see I will try to guess or assumed that when it comes to married men that do not cheat on their wives will be 35 -45% out of in scale of 1-10. We will never know what most married men will do, especially when they been married for a long time.

Do Egyptian men cheat on their wives or girlfriends?

how many egyptian man cheat on there girlfriends

Why men cheat go back to wives and then still flirt and stare at the one they cheated with?

why men cheat,go back to wives,and still continue to flirt and stare at the one they cheated with

Why do married men cheat on their wives?

because you got fat and/ or lazy

What is the percentage of minister's wives that cheat?

probably a small percentage. preacher's wives are upright women who are catered to and have a up close and personal relationshipw w/spiritual leaders and behave that way

What is the percentage of women and men in the US that cheat?


How many women cheat on their husband?

5 ANSWER: From my survey, 45% of women cheat on their husband, and 65% of men do cheat on their wives.

Why did Pharaohs have so many wives?

because one wasnt enough, one was too boring, thats also why men cheat on their wives

When was All Wives Cheat created?

All Wives Cheat was created in 2009.

Do men love their wives when they cheat?

idk exactly cause I'm not married. but from I've read it depends though. sometimes men cheat when they are bored of their wives but deep inside they sometimes still love em.ANSWER;Some married men do, but still it's not a strong love that can help them not to cheat. There are married men who are happy with their marriage and yet they still find themselves cheating and betraying their wives.

Why husbands allow their wives to cheat?

Loyal husbands do not allow their wives to cheat. They remain loyal and love their wives.

What percentage of men abuse their wives?

It is estimated that about 22% of intimate partners are abusive.

When men cheat on their wives girlfriend's do they realize that they are hurting them or are they just concerned with the fun their having?


What is the duration of All Wives Cheat?

The duration of All Wives Cheat is 1800.0 seconds.

Is it true that one-forth of men in the U.S. beat their wives?

Though I agree that a certain proportion of men assault their wives. But I am not sure that the percentage here is correct, it could be lesser.

Are men who cheat still sexually active with their wives?

It just depends on the individual. There are some that do and some that don't. There are some men that cheat because they cannot bear to see their wives doing dirty fantasies with them so they find someone else (or the wives won't do them), or men that do cheat because there is just nothing at home and it doesn't matter whether they have sex with their wives or not, then there are men that are in over drive and want their cake and eat it too and frankly lie to the wife and the mistress, and then there is the men that think they are looking for something better and in the process wreck what they wanted all along and had - the grass just isn't any greener.

Why do they say all the good men are married and taken if most of them also cheat?

A contradiction in terms. If they also cheat, they aren't all that good as "men". Many, probably most men, do not cheat - and admittedly, even fewer wives do. I completely agree with the answer above

Why do men cheat on their wives or girlfriends?

Men cheat for the same reasons and they can be many, such as boredom, feeling unwanted, they don't love their wife, are unhappily married, are afraid to tell their wife they want a divorce etc.

Is possible for a man still love his wife when he is cheating with a woman?

Yes, it is. Men will cheat on their wives for a lot of reasons. Most reasons are simple ones. They can still be in love with their wives and cheat sexually with some other woman (or man).

Why do military men cheat?

Correction please, not all military men cheat. There are some because I've seen it with my eyes and I knew their wife. Those military men that cheat are only thinking about themselves and do not care if they hurt their wives through Gods eyes.

When was Men's Wives created?

Men's Wives was created in 1852.

Do men cheat more than women?

ANSWER:Yes they do, 65% are the percentage of men who cheat, and only 45% of women.

Why do men cheat on their wives when they are pregnant?

Men cheat on their wives when they are feeling unfulfilled, mentally and sexually. Some men are just narcissistic and enjoy the thrill of the chase and still feeling desired by other women. A man that cheats on his wife while pregnant will NOT be a good or responisble father and needs to be put out with the trash, at least until he can get therapy, and even then you should be hesitant about letting him back in your life.