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A very small percentage, Rap is still a relatively new form of music so when compared with all other genres of music it makes up a very small percentage. Its somewhat immeasurable you would need to classify all other genres of music, rock/punk/classical/folk etc. etc. then divide to find the percentage, on the other hand you would need to have a list of every musician/singer/band in the world etc. determine the genre they fall into and do the same.

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What percentage of people listen to rap?

Most Americans listen to rap music.

What percentage of rap music degrades women?


What percentage of people listen to rap music?

over half of American

What is the percentage of people who dont like rap music?

80 percent

Who was the person that started the rap music?

who started rap music?

Rap music influences?

what types of music influenced rap

What type of music does jcole rap?

Um, Rap music

For what purpose did rap music start?

For what purpose did rap music start?

Where did rap music originate?

rap music originated in America (U.S.A)

What is the percentage of people listening to rap music?

Less than 0.1% of the world's population listen to rap music according to the latest government statistics.Of those it is estimated that 24% are tone deaf, and the rest don't understand the meaning of the word "music".

Who was the inventor of rap music?

No 1 really rap music came from compton

What year rap music found?

what year was rap music discovered in Mexico

In what country did rap music originate?

Rap Music originated in the United States.

Do rappers and rap music storngly influence young Americans?

while if wong women wont to listen to rap music in be in rap music then that should be

How does rap music influence other styles of music?

It doesnt. Rap is rubbish and does not influence any music.

Does rap music demean?

Some rap music can demean. However, not all rap songs do. It depends on the morality of the artist.

What are some of the features of new rap music?

Although being quite familiar with rap music and researching extensively there does not seem to be any information available as to what some of the features for new rap music may be. Rap music is actually chanted or spoken rhyming lyrics and the new rap music remains the same.

What kind of music is Nicki minaj?

her music is like pop and rap but mostly rap

What is he difference from classical music and rap?

classical music has no words and rap has nothing but words

How can you tell if the music you're listening to is rap music?

You're listening to rap if the singer is known to rap or he/she is singing or talking quickly.

What music kills more teenagers rap or country?

probably rap.

What is the french word for rap music?

mot rap

What Percentage of world that listens to rap?

0% Rap Sux

What is a simple definition of rap music?

Rap is a style of music in which you spit rhymes, wordplay, and poetry.

Who is the father of rap music?

many people think that Kool Herc is the "father of rap music