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Q: What percentage of people are killed by people they know?
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What percentage of the people in the world has been killed?


What percentage of people killed in car accidents are killed by drunk drivers?

65% are frunk drivers

How many people a year are killed in police chases?

I don't know how many people are killed in police chases but I know there is a lot of people that are killed in police chases.

What percentage of people with osteoporosis are female?

I don't know the exact percentage, but I do know that most of the people who suffer are women.

What is the percentage of people on the earth?

There is no percentage. If so, percentage from what? There are a certain amount of people in the world, not percentage, and I don't know that number. Look it up!

What percentage of people like Angelina Jolie?

It is not known what percentage of people know her, it therefore cannot be said what percentage like her.

What percentage of people have ornithophobia?

I don't know but the percentage is very rare.I have ornithophobia.Lots of people laugh at me.

What percentage of people are injured or killed using cell phones in the car?


What percentage of English people were killed during the black death?

40% of the population of England were killed during the black death.

How many people are killed by other people in Miami a day?

unawnserable although you could get a rough percentage

Who killed her own children?

there are alot of people but i know 2 people who did : Andrea Yates : she killed them to save them from so called "Satan" : Susan Smith : she drowned them in her car, but i don't know why she killed them

How many people did Hannibal Lecter kill?

He killed 14 people that they know of, and I do not think that counts the people he killed in Hannibal Rising

How many people got killed in Pompeii?

We don't know the number of people killed in Pompeii and we will never know. This is because we don't know how many people lived there in the first place, so we have no way to estimate the casualties.

Why did Hitler want the Rhineland so badly?

Because he killed many people and the Rhineland did'nt know that he killed people.

How many people died in the 2009 sakurajima eruption?

Hello, I dont know in 2009 but I know that 35 people were killed in the 1914 eruption and 80 people were killed in total. Hope this helped you!

What percentage of disabled people died during the holocoust?

Very low, most of the mentally ill who were killed by the Nazis were killed before the Holocaust.

What killed off a large percentage of people in the high middle ages?

The Black Plague killed 3/4 of Europe. But people also died of other things as well.

What was the percentage of patriots killed?

100% of patriots were killed

What percentage of people in Thailand know how to swim?


What percentage of animals are killed for their fur?

The percentage of animals would be 70 % to 80% of animals are killed for there fur.

How many people were killed in bleeding kansas?

we think that the number of people killed were 55-200. they do not know the exact number for sure but I have heard a lot more times that 200 people were killed.

How many people has Edward Cullen killed?

At one point, Edward did hunt humans but he only killed bad people like murderers and rapists. We do not know exactly how many people he has killed.

What percentage of people know about human trafficking?

98% people knows about this situation

Why tiger killed by people?

i dont know u tell me

How many people a year are killed by hippos?

Hippos kill more people a year than people are killed by sharks. i dont know an exact number