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What if you have cancer but you have no money to treat it so it goes untreated for a long period of time? How do you know cancer is cancer?

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Q: What percentage of people get cancer in their lifetime?
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50% of people will get cancer in their lifetime. That is really a guess. There is really no way but statistics say one out of three possibly.

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1 person is diagnosed with cancer every couple of seconds. there are many people that are diagnosed with cancer everyday. and according to the statistics, 1 in 3 people will be affected with cancer in their lifetime

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Based on, TC makes up 1% of cancer in men.If the answer to this question is correct: That means that 33% of people get cancer. 1% of 33% is 0.33%, so a man has roughly a 0.33% chance of getting testicular cancer in his lifetime.

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about 57%

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