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What percentage of people have had plastic surgery in Korea?


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32% of korean men and 85% of korean women have had plastic surgery

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Korean Plastic Surgery refers to plastic surgery that is popular in Korea. It is generally quite extreme surgery, such as eye surgery and whiteness surgery.

20% of people in Korea are Buddhists

All Of them had double eyelid surgery, and some had additional. However, it's not that big of a deal for a celebrity to get cosmetic surgery in Korea.

No. However, around 50-60% of Korean girls have had some form of plastic surgery, most commonly "eye surgery" which serves to add epicanthic folds to the eyes and make them rounder, which is seen as desirable in Korean society.

The truth is that in Korea plastic surgery is not such a big deal. I red that it's usual for young girls to receive on their 18th anniversary plastic surgery as a gift. There are some artist which have done plastic surgery, like Lee Minho, a Korean actor, or Tiffany from SNSD and Park Bom from 2ne1. But there are also idols which haven't done this, like BB's members, or Bi Rain. It depends on the idol if he has done or not plastic surgery. You can't put all of them in the same category.

It can be good or bad because it may fix up your body but it can go terribly wrong. Answer It depends on the person, there are some people who prefer to have plastic/cosmetic surgery to gain confidence and to achieve the ideal body or beauty they wanted. Just like in Korea, there are a lot of people there who undergo surgery, aside from the reasonable price the surgeons are expert in this field and you can achieve the looks you ever wanted to have. People who thinks it is bad has their own reason, most cases are because of bad result and surgeons malpractices.

If looking for plastic surgeon, travelling to South Korea would the best choice. As South Korea is one of many countries with high statistics of plastic surgery performed. This range from rhinoplasty, meaning nose jobs to blepharoplaty. There are also non-surgical procedures, such as skin peel and skin whitening.

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It varies depending on the complications involved.

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HUH? Last time Korea was isolated was right after the Opium Wars in China. They didn't want the same thing to happen in Korea. South Korea never had a policy of isolation. If you're talking about North Korea, If life sucks as bad as it does in North Korea, would you like your people to know that people outside of North Korea actually have 3 meals a day? North Korea is so successful in isolation, people in North Korea think they are better off than the people in South Korea.

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