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It is 75%

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What percent of people in latin America live in rural areas?

About 15% of Latin Americans live in rural areas.

What developed among the people in different areas of Latin America?


Why are settlers attracted to the mountain areas of Latin America?

Many people have settled in valleys near the mountains of Latin America because these areas are rich in mineral and soil resources.

What areas are included in Latin America?

There are four areas that make up Latin America:MexicoCentral AmericaThe CaribbeanSouth America

What are the three geographic areas of latin America?

Bolivia,Peru,latin America

What was the percentage of people living in rural areas of Colonial America in the late 1700s?


In Latin America most people live in what areas because of better jobs and education?


What is the climate in Latin America?

The climate in Latin American countries tends to be tropical. There are large areas of Latin America, such as in South America, which are rain forest.

What is the correct way to spell Latin America?

That is the correct spelling of the proper noun Latin America (Hispanic areas of the Americas).

Which four areas form Latin America?

Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

What percentage of people in south America lives in cities?

80% live in urban areas, cities, basically.

Into what areas is Latin America often divided?

Latin America is often divided into four main area or regions. These are the Caribbean, South America, Central America and Mexico.

Which areas form Latin America?

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What areas of Latin America have water pollution?

The coast of Argentina

What does the term latin America most accurately refer to?

Latin America refers to areas of the western hemisphere south of the United States.

What four areas make up latin america?

There are four area that make up the area of Latin America. These area are Mexico, South America, Caribbean, and Central America.

What percentage of people live in urban areas in Thailand?

The percentage of people living in urban areas in Thailand is 36%

Which four areas make up latin America in the Anglo America?

Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America.

What are the three major geographic areas within latin America?

Geographers often divide Latin America into three major geographic area --- Middle America, The Caribbean and South America.

Where was Spain empire?

It was in Spain and in almost all areas of Latin America.

The most culturally diverse areas in Latin America are its?

It's cities.

Which areas of Latin America have Tropical Climate?

i do not know so bye

The influence of african culture on some areas of Latin America was largely a result of?

For centuries slavery was legal in many areas of Latin America. Thus, many native Black Africans were part of the population and their culture remains part of Latin American culture.

What are the borders of Latin America?

Latin American is geographic area composed of the following subregions: Those areas of North America south of the U.S. southern border. Central America South America Caribbean

What percentage of people live in urban areas in Sweden?

What percentage of people live in cities?