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That's hard to say because i don't think anyone yet has made a survey of it!

I know a lot if teens that do !

( including my annoying elder sister)!!

If i find out there is a survey, ill keep you informed.

Hope this helped you.. hmm

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Percentage of teens that listen to metal?

Around 10% of teens listen to hard rock or metal genre. I personally LOVE metal and hate rap so screw rap.

What percentage of people listen to rap?

Most Americans listen to rap music.

What percentage of teens listen to rock?

Am a teen but am form a different part of the country. Allot listen to rock. We listen to rock, Rap but only the preteens listen to hip hop, & pop because they want to be hip. Teens today don't listen to what's hip.

What percentage of Teens listen to music?

Pretty much all teens listen to music at some time or another, I would imagine.

What percentage of people listen to rap music?

over half of American

How many people listen to rap?

a big percentage of the u.s but they are mostly Americans

How many teens still like punk rock and not rap?

hard to say i hate that most of my friends except for like 3 only listen to rap, I'm more of a punk/rocker type of girl, what has rap done to our world????I believe that most teens these days like rap more because it talks about thingd they want to do.Now me on the other hand i love rock, but in my opinion teens who listen to rock most are definitely the still-sane teens while others have lost their minds and personality a long time ago.

Did john Lennon listen to rap when it was first coming out?

No he did not listen to rap

What music Turkish people listen to?

Teens- boys listen (generally) rap,hip-hop ,rock or heavy metal. girls - they listen pop-rock , rap (but they're less then rock listeneres.),rock and heavy metal.And they both listen techno - it's so widespread in teens. adults listen these all too but also they listen Turkish folk songs.but these songs are not like Arabian music etc. Elders listen classical Turkish music and Turkish folk songs. Turkish people listen all kind of music.

How many people listen to Rock music?

Studies show that only 18% of teens listen to rock music today. The other 82% are now listening to pop music and rap.

What percent of teens listen to music?

Well all teens listen to music. But 90% of teens listen constantly to music. 5% of teens listen to music from the 80s and 90s. 13% listen to rock. 7% listen to punk. 70% listen to the average pop and r&b.

What music did The Outsiders listen to?

they listen to rap

Why rap music is a oxymoron?

Don't listen to what they say. If you like rap, listen to it. If you don't, then be on your own.

What are the characteristics of old school rap?

They Are to always listen to RAP cuz its beast and dont listen to county!

How many hours do teens listen to music?

teens listen to music about 2.5 hours.

What percentage of teens listen to jazz?

It is really unknown. It is certainly less than other music categories like RAP,R&B,HIP?HOP, and others. But it would be very hard to count, even with a poll it would be hit or miss numbers.

What age group likes rap?

mostly young teens or some young adults but ive seen some pretty old people listen to it too!

What type of music do mummies listen to?

mummies listen to rap. get it?

How many people listen to rap in the US?

87 percent of people listen to rap? I would say closer to 10%.

What percentage of teenagers listen to rap rock emo pop indie and all other labels?

Most kids listen to rap and rock and pop the most, about 70%, emo and pop arent as popular as they used to be, so about 20%, everything else falls in the 10%

What kind of music do Costa Ricans listen to?

they listen to a lot of rap.

How is rap music harmful to teens?

music is harmful because of the way that they describe sex and drugs and also violence to be a great thing to do. And when teens listen to these things they adapt to it in the everyday life so that they can fit in with the music industries way of life

How do you write the lyrics to a rap song?

If you listen to rap music, you will get the idea of how it is done.

How do you say I do not listen to rap music in Spanish?

No escucho la música rap

What do statistics show about teens and rap music?

They like it

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