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Just before the Holocaust there were about 18 million Jews world wide, and about one third (33%) were killed in the Holocaust.

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Q: What percentage of the Jewish population was murdered during the Holocaust?
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What percentage of the Jewish population of portland was murdered in the holocaust?

Portland, Oregon is in the USA. The USA had no involvement in the Holocaust and as such did not lose anyone to the Holocaust.

What percentage of the pre-war European Jewish population was murdered during the Holocaust?

In 1938 there were about 9.4 million Jews in Europe and about 6 million were murdered - in other words, about 64%.

What percentage of Jewish population survived in Denmark survived the holocaust?


5. How many Jews were murdered in each country and what percentage of the pre-war Jewish population did they constitute?

how many jews where murdered in each county and what percentage of the pre-war jewish population did they consume?

What was the Jewish population after Holocaust?

The Jewish population had dropped to about 20% after the holocaust in Europe. ___ 20% of what?

What percent of the Jewish population was murdered during the holocaust?

Heres the death toll of Jews murdered in the holocaustr by countryPoland3,300,000=Prewar Jewish population3,000,000= Number of Jews murdered90%= countries Jewish population deadBaltic countries253,000=Prewar Jewish population228,000= Number of Jews dead90%=countries Jewish population deadGermany & Austria240,000=Prewar Jewish population210,000= Number if Jews dead90%=countries Jewish population deadBohemia & Moravia90,000=Prewar Jewish population80,000=Number of Jews murdered89% countries Jewish population deadSlovakia90,000= Prewar Jewish population75,00083%=countries Jewish population deadGreece70,000=Prewar Jewish population54,000=Number of Jews murdered77%=countries Jewish population deadNetherlands140,000=Prewar Jewish population105,000=Number of Jews murdered75%=countries Jewish population deadHungary650,000=Prewar Jewish population450,000=Number of Jews murdered70%=countries Jewish population deadByelorussian SSR375,000=Prewar Jewish population245,000= Numbers of Jews dead65%= countries Jewish population deadUkrainian SSR1,500,000=Prewar Jewish population900,000=Number of Jews murdered60%= countries Jewish population deadBelgium65,000=Prewar Jewish population40,000=Number of Jews murdered60%=countries Jewish population deadYugoslavia43,000=Prewar Jewish population26,000=Number of Jews murdered60%= countries Jewish population deadRomania600,000=Prewar Jewish population300,000=Number of Jews murdered50%=countries Jewish population deadNorway2,173=Prewar Jewish population890=Number of Jews murdered41%= countries Jewish population deadFrance350,000=Prewar Jewish population90,000=Number of Jews murdered26%= countries Jewish population deadBulgaria64,000=Prewar Jewish population14,000=Number of Jews murdered22%=countries Jewish population deadItaly40,000=Prewar Jewish population8,000=Number of Jews murdered20%= countries Jewish population deadLuxembourg5,000=Prewar Jewish population1,000=Number of Jews murdered20%= countries Jewish population deadRussian SFSR975,000=Prewar Jewish population107,000=Number of Jews murdered11%= countries Jewish population deadFinland2,000=Prewar Jewish population22=Number of Jews murdered1%= countries Jewish population deadDenmark8,000= Prewar Jewish population52= Number of Jews dead

Which country lost the highest percentage of its Jewish population in the Holocaust?

Probably Poland, prior to the war they had the largest Jewish popluation of any country in Europe, and after the war they were nearly all gone. _______ Poland lost about 88-89% of its Jewish population in the Holocaust and Lithuania lost about 96%!

What Jewish men women and children were murdered in the Holocaust?

Countless men, women and children, including many races other than Jews, were murdered during the Holocaust.

Do Jewish people go in the holocacust?

Yes. 6,000,000 Jews were murdered in the Holocaust.

How many Jewish civilians were murdered during the Holocaust?

Over 1 million.

What impact did the holocaust have a on the Jewish population of Europe?

It reduced the Jewish population by about two thirds.

How many non Jewish were murdered in the Holocaust?

A figure often given for non-Jewish victims is 5 million.

What role did the Jewish religion play in the Holocaust?

Jews, whether practicing or not religious at all, were persecuted and murdered during the Holocaust.

How many Jewish people were murdered during the Holocaust?

There were 6 million people that died

Jewish Holocaust deaths in the Netherlands?

About 102,000 out of a Jewish population of 140,000.

Before the Holocaust what was the Jewish population in Eisiskes?

The 1928 population was 2,382

During the Holocaust how many Jewish people were murdered?

The generally accepted figure is about 6 million.

Why was the holocaust unfair?

because for no reason, and with out warning, millions and millions of defenseless Jewish people were murdered.

What does the term Nazi have to do with to the Holocaust?

Nazi's put lots of Jewish people in concentration camps and then murdered most of them this event ws known as the holocaust

What cause did Hitler have on the Holocaust?

to eliminate the Jewish population.

What are two examples of genocide history in the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was the mass containment of millions of Jews and many others in concentration camps. After being enslaved while in the concentration camps, 10 - 11 million of them were murdered. The Holocaust wiped out 2/3 of the Jewish population in Europe.

What percentage of Europe's Jewish population was killed during World War 2?

App. 76% of European Jews were slain during the Holocaust.

What percentage of the US population is Jewish?

About 2% of the population of the United States is Jewish.

The Holocaust resulted in the destruction of most of Poland's?

Jewish Population

What impact did the holocaust have on the Jewish population?

It reduced the population by 70%. it scared the entire Jewish community and it still haunts them today.