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The calorie count on most foods includes 4 calories/gram of fiber, although the body does not really digest fiber well. Estimates vary, but you can assume that no more than 1-2 calories will be absorbed per gram of fiber. Therefore, look at the number of grams of fiber, and subtract 2 x (grams fiber) from the total calorie count. I am not sure how well soluble fiber is digested by the body, so for soluble fiber, you may want to be more conservative.

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Average digested calories for women?

The average digested calories for a woman depends on the woman and what she's been eating. If she eats a lot of high calorie processed foods, then she will digest a lot of calories. If on the other hand, she eats a lot of healthy things with a low calorific value, then she will digest fewer calories.

Does urine have a calorie count or do all the calories stay in your body?

Urine can have a calorie count as it is how dispelled nutrients leave your body. It is not a high calorie count, though. As food is digested and processed, your liver breaks it all up calorie wise. It then either uses or stores the calories for future energy.

Are liquid calories the same as solid calories?

Yes, a calorie is a calorie, regardless

Is there a fruit or veggy that has no calories?

No. Water is the only thing that has no calories. Most fruits and veggies are low-calorie, though. And the natural sugars and acids in fruits and veggies are easily digested and used up by the body.

Are there calories in Gulf Wax household paraffin wax such as used in chocolate candy making?

Yes, there are. But not food calories. The wax is not digested (it is undegestible), so there is no calorie count from the point of view of wax as a food or nutrient.

What is the percentage of carbohydrates in the daily calorie intake?

The recommendation for carbohydrates is that they should be coming from 45-65% of the calories in your diet.

How many calories do i have to burn to burn one fat calorie?

9 calories = 1fat calorie

Is a food calorie the same as an exercised calorie?

Yes, the calories you eat are the same calories that you burn.

Diff between calorie and a Calorie?

One Calorie is equal to 1,000 calories.

How many calories make up 1 calorie?

1000 calories make up 1 Calorie

How do you read calories from fat on the label?

You look at the number next to the words Calories from fat. On a side note when speaking nutritionally calories is always capitalized. This is because the nutritional Calorie (also called a large calorie, dietary calorie, or food calorie) is actually a kilogram calorie.

How many kilo calories make one calorie?

0.001because 1,000 calories, make 1kilo-calorie.

What does a lower case calorie mean?

A lowercase calorie is a unit of measurement. The "calories" found on nutrition labels are actually kilocalories (Calories), so there are 1000 calories in 1 Calories.

How many calories are in one food calorie?

I food Calories = 1000 calories

1 calorie how many joules?

That depends on which calorie you mean. There are large calories (kilogram calories) and small ones (gram calories). One joule is about 0.24 gram calories or 0.00024 kilogram calories.

How many calories are in 1 nutritional calorie?

1000 calories

How many heat calories are equal to 5 food calories?

1 food calorie or Calorie or kilocalorie is equivalent of 1000 calories and thus 5 food calories is equal to 5000 heat calories.AnswerA 'food calorie' is a unit of measurement that people in the food industry are either too lazy or too stupid to call a 'kilocalorie' (kcal).A calorie is a calorie. There is no such thing as a 'food calorie'. A calorie measures energy. Any energy. However, it is an obsolete unit that was used in the old centimetre-gram-second-ampere system. When used to describe food energy, it should be 'kilocalories' NOT calories (calories are not capitalised).

How do you convert Joules to Calories?

Remember that one calorie is equivalent to 4.18400 Joules. Also remember that a food calorie (Calorie) is equal to 1000 calories. So one Calorie is equal to 4.184 kJ of energy.

How much calories does a cup of calories contain?

1 calories is equal to 1 calorie.

What is the difference between calories with a capital c and calories with a lower case c?

A calorie is a unit of energy. We tend to associate calories with food but they apply to anything containing energy. a Calorie is associated with food. They are actually kilocalories, so 1 Calorie= 1000 calories

What is a calorie compared to a Calorie?

"Calorie" (with a capital "C") is common notation for a "kilocalorie" which equals 1000 calories (with a lowercase "c"). Since "calories" are too small a unit of measurement, nutrition labels give caloric content in "Calories".

Calorie content of sperm?

The calorie content in sperm is about 5 to 25 calories.

What is the relationship of a kilo-calorie and a calorie?

1000 calories + 1 kilocalorie

What is difference between kilocalories and calories?

one kilo calorie = 1000 calorie

Which has more calories hard or soft cheese?

Hard cheese has a higher calorie content, since soft cheese has a greater percentage of water in it.

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