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Most people dont speak english. But it makes no sense

Brazil was founded by Portugal, and as such has the national language of Portugese. What percentage speak Spanish is a hard thing to research for English speaking people. But there must be a strong percentage since almost every country that boarders Brazil is Spanish speaking. Note there is one that has the national language of French.


Its our Official and NATIONAL Language, we never speak English here, Only Portuguese, we learn English and Spanish at school though, some people might do French...

Not many speak English here, we speak Portuguese of course, not Spanish, its an insult if you speak spanish here.

But the spanish speaking Population is 6.5%.

English is like 3%.

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What is the percentage of Brazil speaks spanish?

The percentage of brazil speaking spanish is 69%. Anyone would know that Except u.

Is Camilla Belle Spanish?

No. Her mother is from Brazil, which was settled by people of Portugeuse ancestry. Camilla Belle speaks both Portugeuse and Spanish fluently.

What is the percentage of Muslims in Brazil?

In Brazil, 0.016% of the population, around 27,239 people, are Muslims.

What percentage of Brazilians speaks Spanish?

The total population of Brazil is estimated at 196,342,592, according to 2008 figures. It also is estimated that no more than 1 million Brazilians speak Spanish. Therefore, the percentage of Brazilians that speaks Spanish is just one-half of 1%.

What languages are spoken in Brazil and Mexico?

The official and national language of Brazil is Portuguese.The national language of Mexico is Spanish.

What percentage of the population of Brazil speak Portuguese?

More than 98 percent.

What is the percentage of Urban population of Brazil?

87% of Brazilians live in urban areas.

What percentage of brazil is bisexual?

About 30 percent of Brazil population is bisexual. In Brazil 7.5 percent of men are gay and 2.6 percent of the men are bisexual.

What percentage of Brazil is LDS?

As of 2009 there were about 1,040,000 members of the LDS church in Brazil, and a total population of about 190,000,000 -- so that's 0.54%

How do you say 'Brazil' in Spanish?

'Brazil' in Spanish is 'Brasil.'

Are Belize Brazil or Guam Spanish speaking countries?

No, none of these countries are Spanish-speaking countries, but Belize has a large spanish-speaking population.

What percentage of Brazil is the rainforest?

The percentage of rainforest in Brazil is 47 %

Which country has the largest population in Brazil?

Brazil has the largest population in Brazil.

What is the population size in Brazil?

The population in Brazil is 193,733,795

When did the spanish take Brazil?

Brazil has been a colony of Portugal since 1500. The Spanish never took it.

What percentage of the population in Brazil speaks Portuguese?

Portuguese is the only official language of Brazil. It is the most widely used language and is almost exclusively used in the entire country.

What are two South American countries where Spanish is not commonly spoken?

Brazil and Suriname Brazil is not spanish and it does not speak spanish

What is the population of Brazil in 2010?

the population of Brazil is over 200 million

What percentage of the world's population is Catholic?

About 15 percent of the world's population is Roman Catholic. The country with the most Catholics is Brazil, followed by Mexico, and then the United States.

Most well known people in Brazil?

It's easy. They dance to famous music that engages people to dance with them. They are the only country in Brazil that is known for speaking fluently in Portugese

What is the total population of india and brazil?

The total population of India is 1,263,060,000. The total population of Brazil is 203,500,000.

Is Brazil a Spanish-speaking country?

No, the language of Brazil is Portuguese. Brazilians learn Spanish as a second (or third) language. Brazil had a tiny spanish influence. In Brazil, there was a huge influence of Italians, japaneses, Germans and portugueses.

What is bigger Brazil or Argentina population?

Brazil, by far. Brazil has an estimated population of over 93 million, whereas Argentina has an estimated population of 41.6 million.

What is the Spanish word for Brazil?

BrasilIn Spanish, it is written Brasil and prunounced brah-SIL

What is the total population of Brazil?

The total population of Brazil is about 210 million inhabitants (2016)

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