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That depends entirely upon the industry and the contract each worker has with the company. Some may even have set prices, but there is not going to be a single answer. In a law firm it can be as much as one-third of the money the firm makes on the client.

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How do you you calculate total revenue percentage?

You can calculate the total revenue percentage by substituting the variable X for the monthly revenue, the variable Y for the period of time, and then multiple these to solve for the total revenue percentage.

If Revenue is 3.9 and GDP is 103.6 how do you get revenue as a percentage of GDP?


Calculate costs as a percentage of revenue?


How does Google Adwords make revenue?

Adwords is used to target advertising for various company's products. Companies write up "ads" using "keywords" that target certain demographics. When users click on those ads, google charges a percentage for every click- thereby bringing in revenue.

What is the difference between net and gross margin?

Gross margin is Gross income as a percentage of revenue. Net Margin is net income as a percentage of revenue.

How do i calculate percent profit?

The answer will depend on profits as a percentage of what! As a percentage of revenue, it would be 100*(Total Revenue - Total Costs)/Total Revenue In example (as given in discussion page) Total Revenue = 236,000 Total Costs = 173,000 Total Profit = Total Revenue - Total Costs = 63,000 So percentage profit = 100*63,000/236,000 = 26.7% (approx).

How much revenue does a travel agency make?

The amount of revenue a travel agency makes will vary depending on how big they are and who their clients are. An average travel agency brings in about $150,00 per year in revenue.

What is the formula for Net Operating Margin in Excel?

=(total revenue- total expenditures)/revenue. you get a percentage.

Formula for net income percentage?

Net income percentage = Net income / Revenue

How much does a lead singer make?

A fair percentage of the bands revenue -- usually a percentage on

What should your profit be as a percentage of gross revenue?


What percentage of revenue should office rent be?


What percentage of business revenue is earned by corporations?


Example of total variable cost as a percentage of sales revenue?

Sales revenue define and give three examples

In terms of percentage of sales revenue which type of business is the largest?

Corporations make up about 84% of sales revenue

How do you calulate net income percentage?

Net income percentage formula: Net Income percentage = Net Income / Revenue * 100

How do you determine what percentage salaries wages fees and benefits were of net patient revenue?

The net patient revenue is healthcare terminology. Determination of what percentage salaries, wages, fees, and benefits, were of the net patient revenue is done by first calculating the inpatient and outpatient services then subtracting the expenses. The expenses can be separated and the percentage can be found for each.

Where does revenue comes from?

The revenue source depends on what product or service a certain business offers to the public community. As they continue to sell products and render service to clients that paid for it, they generate revenue from their patrons and use that revenue to improve their product and services - to gain more revenue in the next few days or months of their business on their target industry.

What is the allowable coal depletion percentage for 2009?

15 per cent net revenue or 100 per cent gross revenue

Can aye-ayes impact an economy?

Aye-ayes in Madagascar can attract tourists, bringing in revenue from ecotourism.

Why is Las Vegas so important to Nevada?

It brings tourism into the state therefore bringing more revenue to the state.

What is a labor ratio and what line items belong in it?

A labor ratio is the percentage of labor spent vs the amount of revenue earned. A labor ratio is the percentage of labor spent vs the amount of revenue earned.

What percentage of a solo law practice revenue can one expect to pay in taxes?

You don't pay tax on revenue. You pay tax on net earnings...that is, essentially, revenue minus expenses.

Which region of the nation receives the highest percentage of its revenue from the federal government?

The southeast receives a high percentage of its revenue from the federal government. Because of widespread poverty, property taxes are not enough to cover essential costs.

What is the functions of a sales manager?

Managing the revenue and clients. Must be aware of sales team management.. role can be different for various sector but the motto must be clear to maintain the high revenue of sales volume.

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