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Hajj is a kind of worship. The Muslims perform Hajj. It has nothing to do anything with soldiering or fighting. It is Jihad in which armed men take part, not Hajj.

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Mansa musa's accomplishments?

he traveled to the hajj

Which group of people traveled to mecca?

Muslims on the Hajj pilgrimage.

What are 10 facts about hajj?

hajj hajj hajj hajj hajj hajj hajj

What percentage of soldiers died at Valley Forge?

The percentage of soldiers tat died of the war at Valley Forge was 80%.

How many people in haj 2011?

I went to the hajj of december 2006. According to people I traveled with there were 5.5 million people attending. I am currently living in California. One of my friends told me that hajj of 2011 which is supposedly hajj akbar will be the most in the history of hajj. So my guess would be 6-7 million. Could be wrong though. Peace to All

What is the term for civilians who traveled with Roman soldiers?

The English term for civilians who traveled with the Roman army is "campfollowers". In Latin a follower would be "sectator".

What percentage of soldiers die at war?

i don't know how the soldiers die but atleast 6000 soldiers have died in the war

What is the journey of the hajj?

hajj: the journey of hajj is a place of worship !! :)

How do you use the word hajj in a sentence?

I am going to Hajj. I will go to Hajj next year. My aunt is back from Hajj. Performing Hajj is a good deed.

Where and how did the roman soldiers travel?

The Roman soldiers traveled all over the empire. As to how they traveled, it depended on their rank. An officer would have a horse or a carriage and the cavalry would use their horses. The ordinary soldier used his own two feet, carrying his equipment on a pole slung over his shoulder.

Is hajj of 2011 will be hajj e akbar?

Hajj e Akbar (Great Hajj) is each year that the Eid e Ghorban (festival of sacrifice) falls in Friday and so Hajj of 2011 was not Hajj e Akbar.

How did women support the war effort?

some traveled to military caps and there the cooked and clean and also wounded soldiers

How did Clara Barton participate in the civil war?

She traveled with Union ambulances to care for wounded soldiers on both sides.

Were there any jewish soldiers?

Yes, there were many Jewish soldiers. Jews have served in nearly every army that they have been permitted to join and often in a greater percentage than their percentage as citizens in that country.

What is a sentence for hajj?

hajj is a islamic place

Is the second life hajj a good suppliment of the offline hajj?

The question is unclear. There is no offline Hajj.

Who observes hajj?

The Muslims observe Hajj. It is obligatory to perform Hajj once in life time.

What are the fa rd of hajj?

The fard of Hajj is: the obligatory Hajj is the 5th pillar of Islam: Performing Hajj to the house of Allah in Makkah once in a lifetime for those who are able physically and financially. this one time hajj is obligatory, and any other Hajj after the obligatory Hajj is cconsidered voluntary. Have a nice day. Kaiser.

What is hajj akhbar?

In fact, Umrah is called Hajj-i-Asghar and the annual Hajj in Zil Hijja is called Hajj-i-Akbar. It is commonly, without any authentic Hadith, said that the annual Hajj on 9th of Zil Hijja if falls on Friday is called hajj-i-Akbar.

Where is hajj celebrated?

Muslims make a Hajj to Mecca in Saudia Arabia, they will also make a Hajj to Jeursalem

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