What percentage of the world's population has brown eyes?

"Considering pretty much everyone in china, India, the rest of Asia, Africa, south America and the middle east, as well as Greeks and Italians and heaps of other europeans are all exclusively, or all but exclusively brown eyed.
I would estimate the figure around 95 percent of the global population.
Also the number of non brown eyed people is shrinking due to global population movements and related incursion of brown eyed people into the few areas of the world where brown eyes do not dominate.
The Brown eyed gene is in most cases dominant.
The figure perhaps rises to 98 or even 99% if you include those with near brown eyes Hazel for example.
Conversly the number of people with blue or green eyes globaly is perhaps 1% or less. A figure that would probably very much surprise most people."

Yet another person who is wrong. There are dark skinned people all over the world with blue and green eyes even blond hair. About 20% of turkey has green eyes. Green eyes are one of the worlds rarest eye color at 2%. Total around 10% of the world has light colored eyes. America alone has 100 million people with light colored eyes "grey, blue and green" that's 1.5% of the worlds population.