What percentage of the world Jewish population was murdered in the Holocaust?

There is no certainty to this issue but probably 30% is close. Due to falsification of records after the war, lack of clear census data, etc. there is no way to get a correct answer to this question.

Answer 2

About 30-35%. There was no 'falsification of records'.

Answer 3

Estimates of the world's Jewish population as of 1939 are about 16.5 million. There were about 11 million as of 1949. Given that a normal birth and death rate for that population, 16.5 million should have grown to about 18 million over that same time period. Reputable estimates of the number of Jews killed during the Holocaust are about 6 million. That's very much in line with the above numbers - i.e. if you started at 16.5 and should have ended up at 18, but really ended at 11, that's 6 in deaths (and the associated births that did not happen because of the extra deaths).

So, 6 / 16.5 = 36%

Note that we have no way to accurately count the worldwide population. All numbers in that regard are statistical analysis of various populations at the time, and thus, are approximations.

The accepted figure is about 35%.