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The United States uses about 25% of the world's oil energy. It's hard to calculate exactly, but when all other forms (solar, nuclear, coal, wind, natural gas, etc.) are factored in, the overall percentage used by us is a bit less; maybe 22-23%. This only makes sense when one considers that the U.S. (5% of the world's population) produces 20% of the world's economic output, China is second at about 13%. (as of 2007). Additionally, depending on exactly the numbers used; the U.S. is responsible for 20-30% of the world's GDP (Gross Domestic Pro-duct). In addition to product manufacturing, a large portion of our energy use is devoted to food production; before recent increases in Russian grain production that allowed them to be a net exporter, we practically fed the world. With our usage of lighting, computers, large screen t.v.'s, central a.c , etc. just for residential comfort, it's no wonder why the average person living in the U.S. consumes more energy than others. Next time you hear an environmentalist deride the U.S. for her energy use, ask them about what that energy produces. They will have no idea.

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Q: What percentage of the worlds energy does usa use?
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