What percentage of women have lengthy affairs while leaving a long-term relationship?

A percentage of men have been doing exactly the same thing for centuries! Unfortunately, some women take it too far to the right wing. Their attitude is "if a man can do it so can I." Not all women have lengthly exit affairs and some that do are either still in love with their mate, but frustrated over certain issues and there is a lack of communication, or, they are too scared to end the relationship for fear of being lonely. There is a low percentage of women that love to have their mate around for security, but still play around on him. That's called having your cake and eating it too. If this is happening to you then YOU have the control to stop it! A woman can only play this game if you allow it. Sometimes it's just drama, to demonstrate to everyone how much they cared about that person and how difficult it is to be moving on. Other times it's ambivilance, unable to make up her mind. Other times it's just handy to be able to go to somebody to satisfy an emotional need. Or how about, "it's better the devil you know than the devil you don't." What you're describing can have many causes. First, she needs to know herself.