What percentage of word population speaks englishs spanish and Portuguese?

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Portuguese, Spanish, and English are languages number eight, four, and three respectively in number of native speakers. Portugese has 175 native speakers. Spanish has 350-400 million native speakers. English has 500 million native speakers. So, total, they have 1.025 billion native speakers. Assuming a world population of 6.7 billion (20 million higher than an August 14th estimate.) So, together about 15.3% of the population have one of those three as a native language. And I think that it's worth mentioning that the Chinese dialects have more speakers than those three combined. So, if you master their script, and speak those three languages, you could communicate with 30%+ of the world (+ because have these as second languages with various levels of fluency, which is why they are not counted in those figures.)
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