What perfume should you wear on your first date?

Wear something that is really you, and what you like.

Also, don't wear too much. Although perfume is nice smelling to some, others find it too strong and some are even allergic.
Pheromones are natural human scents that have the amazing power to attract the gender (why couldn't they be stronger?). Cinnamon and lily are two plants that have similar pheromones, so they'll increase you're pulling power. Boys love vanilla, it's their all time favorite scent. Coconut is another on they love. They think it's warm, soft and comforting
Roses are with romance but they also make girls feel calmer, good for first date nerves.
Finally, wear your favourite perfume. It shows your personality. also wear something sweet or that he likes.he is not really gonna notice your purfume.

Something, u like, I wore a perfume by Jessica Simpson and this boy noticed me and said i smelled so good.Later that same day a guy asked me if i could hug him just so he could smell my perfume.lol. So wear something that is really rich, it gets guys attention FAST!