What phrases describe fire?

Fire composition

Thick smokes filed the air , making the once bright room into total darkness like a stone age cave.

Plumes of black smokes billowed out of the window.

Acrid smokes filled my fresh lungs.

A huge piece of debris fell and blocked the priceless exit.

The unbearable heat from the fire was making me melting like an ice cream.

The raging ferocious fire soon itched its way close and closer to me , making my heart palpitating .

Tongues of flames licked the wall in vengeance.

Some lionhearted people took the fire extinguisher and extinguish the flames.

Lungs getting dry gradually as time passes like donkey years.

The fire fighters battled to extinguish the raging inferno.

Thick,acrid smoke reduced the visibility to near zero.

The acrid smoke seared my eyes.

The building was engulfed by smoke and flames.

Searing heat slowly made it difficult to breathe.

The fire soon began to have its life on its own.

The apartment was charred and was wrecked beyond recognition.