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Generally, the smaller the particles that make up the soil, the greater the density. For example, clay is more dense than sand, and sand more dense then organic soil.

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What physical changes can affect density?

pressure and density

Describe how the conditions under which rocks form affect the physical stability of rocks?

The conditions that affect physical stability are heat, temperature, compression, pressure, and the molecular structure.

Weather and climate are environmental conditions that affect populations and are known as?

density-independent factors.

How does the density of the metal in the crushed can compare with the metal's density before the can was crushed?

The metal's density should be the same. Crushing is a physical change and should not affect the density of the metal.

What type of catalysts affect biochemical reaction?

Catalysts in biochemical reactions are called enzymes.

What type of catalysts affect biochemical reactions?


Why is Canada sparsely populated?

A variety of factors affect population densities. Two possible reasons for Canada's sparse population density may be that it is simply a large country, and that many regions experience extreme physical conditions.

Can you dream in space?

Yes. The physical conditions of being in space have little or no affect on the dream function.

Does the amount of space affect its density?

volume does affect the density because the formula of density= mass/ volume

How does the structure of an atom affect the physical and chemical properties of the atom?

Physical &chemical properties affected the structure to change its phase,concentration,density,temperature,heat etc.

What two things affect the density of water?

The temperature and the salinity affect water's density.

What physical changes change physical properties?

It is the change that only affect the physical properties of matter like melting point, density, softness, hardness, color etc. Example sublimation , cutting of trees etc.

How do enzymes affect a chemical reaction?

Enzymes act as catalysts in biochemical reactions.

Can physical changes can affect chemical and physical properties?

A physical change affect the physical properties.

How does the mass of a substance affect its density Which part of the scientific method would this statement be classified as?

Density is mass per unit volume. This statement would be clssified as a definition of a physical characteristic of mater.

Does the water density affect floating?

Yes, water density will affect an object's ability to float.

How rock density affect the formation of war the layers?

Rock density has no direct affect on war.

What will affect the density of a substance?


How can a blizzard affect driving conditions?

how could a blizzard affect driving conditions

Does gravity affect density?

No, density is not affected by gravity. Density is the ratio of an object's mass to its volume. Neither mass or volume is affected by gravity, so gravity does not affect density.

Does temperature affect the density of seawater?

Yes. Temperature will not only affect the density, but also the salinity of seawater.

How does temperature affect the physical properties of petrol?

An increase in temperature will reduce the density, reduce the viscosity, reduce thermal conductivity, and increase the specific heat capacity. A decrease in temperature will have the opposite affect.

How does density affect buoyancy?

Lower density=higher bouyancy

Does buoyancy have any affect on density?

No. But density affects buoyancy.

What condition of factors affect growth rate of bacteria?

The rate of bacterial growth may be affected by environmental factors both physical and biochemical. The physical factors include temperature, light, oxygen concentration, moisture, pH, hydrostatic pressure, osmotic pressure and radiation. The biochemical factors or nutritional factors include availability of carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, trace elements and in some cases, vitamins.

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