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1. Add water to the mixture and stir to dissolve the sugar.

2. Filter out the mixture, the water with the sugar in it will pass through, the sand will not.

3. Then, evaporate the water using a Bunsen burner if you want to do it quicker to leave behind the sugar.

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Q: What physical property can be used to separate sand and sugar?
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Which physical property can you use to separate sand and sugar?

Use water. Mix it around, the sugar will dissolve into the water. Use a siv to separate the water and the sand, put the water in a container and wait for the water to evaporate: leaving sugar and sand.

How can you separate sugar and sand physically?


What physical property separates sand and sugar?

I would use the property of solubility in water; sugar is highly soluble in water and sand is highly insoluble.

You can separate sugar from sand because sugar is?

Soluble in water, sand is not.

What property could you use for separating sand and sugar?

Star with solubility. Mix the sand and sugar in water and filter it. Because the sugar is soluble in water, the sand will be able to filter out. Next, perform a physical change. Evaporate the water from the solution and the sugar will remain.

Two ways you could separate a mixture of sand and sugar?

to separate the mixture of sand and sugar:- first: you can mix water in it and after mixing you can separate the water and sand. and after that you boil the water until whole water is evaporated and you get sugar and sand separated. second: if difference b/w size of sugar and sand particle you can use met to separate them.

How do you separate sugar from sand if the sugar disolves with water in a beaker?

Separate the sugar solution from the sand by passing the solution through a coarse paper filter. Or syphon off the sugar solution, leaving the sand behind.

How could you separate a mixture of and sugar and sand?

Put them in water. Sugar dissolves, sand remains Filter the solution to separate sand and salt. Evaporate solution with dissolved salt to get salt back

How do you separate sand sugar and glass marbles?

You have to pick them up

How do you separate tiny stones sand and sugar?

you pick out the stones, secondly you have to use filtering to pick out the sand and just leave the sugar.

How would you separate sand and sugar with solubility?

Place the mixture of sand and sugar in warm water, then stir.Allow the sand to settle to the bottom, then remove using a sieve.Boil off the water and collect the sugar.

Is sand a physical or chemical property?

Sand is a natural product (frequently silicon dioxide or calcium carbonate) not a material property.