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Q: What physical traits might the hyena have to survive in dry and wet season?
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Do lions use any physical adaptations to survive?

Yes well if a hyena comes it have to

How long can a hyena last without water?

a hyena can survive several days without water

What physical adaptations help a spotted hyena to survive?

They have strong jaws to help them crush bones, and they can digest parts of animals that other animals cant digest, so they can eat a more wide variety of food to help them survive.

Is a hyena a producer?

No. A hyena is a consumer. A producer is an organism that "produces" it's own food to survive. Consumers scavenge or eat other consumers or producers.

What are the physical features of a hyena?

The hyena looks vaguely like a dog except that it is notable for its extremely high front shoulders and low hips. The hyena's distinctive markings include a yellow and brown spotted coat.

What are the three species of a hyena?

Spotted hyena, brown hyena, striped hyena and aardwolf

What physical adaptations does the hyena have?

They have their teeth which those can rip out pieces and pieces of meat to eat and they use their teeth to also kill an animal so they can survive by the food they catch. they also have their eyes which can look far for predotor and kill that animal before that animal kills him

What color is a hyena?

a hyena is brownish gold A hyena lives un Africa

What are all the species of hyena's?

The following hyenas are the extant (living) species of hyena.-Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta)-Striped Hyena (Hyaena hyaena)-Brown Hyena (Hyaena brunnea)-Aardwolf (Proteles cristata)

Where is a hyena found?

there is 4 kind of hyena in the world one of them is spotted hyena the other can be a striped hyena. all the hyena in the world live in every continent but Antarctica.

Why does the mom hyena have to keep the dad hyena away from the baby hyena?

the dad hyena well eat the baby hyenas

Is a hyena a herbivore?

no a hyena is a carnivore