Johannes Brahms

What piece did Brahms compose in honor of his late mother?

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Brahms violin concerto was written in D Major. Johannes Brahms composed this piece in 1878 and was dedicated to this friend Joseph Joachim who played the violin.

Johannes Brahms wrote the piece.

No, Strauss did not compose "The Viennese Waltz" because the it is not a piece, it is a style of dancing and a genre of music. However he did compose several waltzes in Vienna...

Yes, spending honor points on gear and stuff will subtract whatever amount that piece of gear was from your total honor points. For example: You currently have 100,000 Honor Points You get a piece of gear for 60,000 honor points you have 40,000 honor points left

Chopin played his first concert in age 9. He started to compose before his teens. He was an accomplished pianist of his time.

A short piece of music played in honor of a person or event is call a "Baroque".

There is no such piece as Intermezzo 2. Brahms wrote many intermezzi and they are all identified by their opus numbers. Eg op 118 no 1 or 119 no 4 so you will have to be more specific.

Nobody composed the brain - it is a part of your body, not a piece of music or an invention.

Brahms lullaby is the best known to the general public ,I think, although it is not a concert piece.

Franz Liszt did not compose La Campanella. Paganini originally composed it for the violin, but Franz Liszt decided to make a piano version of it (and is very different, too). La Campanella is probably a piece that was inspired by someone else, or perhaps it was just another random piece that Paganini wanted to compose. Maybe he wanted to compose one that sounded, at first, like bells, and had some very good other parts. Or maybe he wanted to put some of his feelings into that piece. Anyways, to me, La Campanella is a very exciting piece.

To produce a piece like Bach would take an incredible amount of genius which most people lack these days.

Because his honor is at steak.

1749The piece is part of a larger oratorio called Solomon

Opus 118 "Six Pieces for Piano", No. 2 Intermezzo in A

I'd say his Hungarian Dances are probably the most famous, but the violin concerto is up there too.

He composed his first piece, Symphony No. 1, at eight years old.

A mother is a piece of jewelry that symbolizes the bond between a child and its mother. It can be found in the forms of earrings, or as a main piece hanging from a necklace, among other things.

he wrote this piece for he was the naturalized subject of the britich crown in 1727 and this was meant for the royal family only

Mozart composed hundreds of movements which were marked 'Allegro'. Which particular one do you mean?

We celebrate any feast day to honor particular saints for their great service to God and Christianity. When we honor the saints, we honor their Creator - God. Much the same as if we honor a great painting or sculpture or piece of music, we honor the person who created it.

An oration piece on saving Mother Earth would be a speech about ways to help the planet. that include recycling and not polluting.

You might be thinking of Debussy's Clair de Lune. It's personally my favourite piece.