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no one place. she doesn't plays quidditch.

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Q: What place did Hermione play in Quidditch?
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Did Hermione Granger ever play quidditch?

Although she was often frustrated with Ron and Harry's enthusiasm for the game, Hermione has played quidditch with them. In the beginning of Chapter Six of the Half-Blood Prince it states: He spent most of his days playing two-a-side Quidditch in the Weasley's orchid (he and Hermione against Ron and Ginny; Hermione was dreadful and Ginny good , so they were reasonably well matched). However, she never played on any of the house teams.

Which Quidditch position does Oliver Wood play?

Oliver Wood is keeper and quidditch captain. When he graduates, Harry takes his place as quidditch captain.

Would Ron Weasley love Hermione Granger if she said that he was no good at Quidditch or he thought that she thought that?

If Hermione were to tell Ron that he wasn't good at Quidditch, it would hurt their relationship quite a bit. Ron was always sensitive about his Quidditch abilities and given his insecurity about Harry and Hermione, such a thing would not help given Harry's talent as a Seeker. Although, Hermione is not the type of person to say such a thing. As for his thoughts, well Ron spent most of the sixth book believing that nobody thought he could play Quidditch. He was also convinced that Hermione liked Harry better which halted their relationship to begin with.

What are Harry Potter's favourite things to do?

Quidditch and being with Ron and Hermione.

What book did Hermione lend to Harry?

she lends "Quidditch Through The Ages" thanx :-)

Who is better Hermione or Ginny?

Hermione is better in studying, Ginny is better in Quidditch. (Maybe you should ask questions that make more sense.)

What transport did Harry Potter and his friends use to play quidditch?

To play Quidditch you have to ride on brooms.

Did Hermione Granger miss Charms before or after the Quidditch cup in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?


Do all houses play Quidditch?

Yes, all four of the houses at Hogwarts (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw) play Quidditch.

What team did Viktor Krum play with in The Quidditch World Cup?

The Bulgarian National Quidditch team

What was professor Hooch's role to play in quidditch?

She was the flying instructor for first years and the quidditch referee.

Can you play Quidditch in the 'Prisoner of Azkaban'?

No. Harry plays Quidditch during a cutscene, but you can't control him.

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