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Most legislatures were unable to conceive of the role of an educated woman beyond that of an enlightened housewife, mother, or schoolteacher. These three women changed all of that by reforming education for women.

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Q: What placed A limit on the degree of equality that women could achieve through education was unwittingly established by such reformers as Catherine Beecher Mary Lyons and Emma Willard because they?
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What did educational reformers say about free education?

Reformers wanted to make education accessible to all citizens

What was a main reason education reformers wanted to establish public schools?

Until 1840s education was available only to wealthy people. Reformers who wanted all children to gain the benefits of education opposed this. Reformers argued and free public education at the elementary level was available for all children.

How did reformers want to change education?

Reformers worked to change schools by making them more accessible to everyone.

Why did education become an important topic for reformers in the 1800s?


Which early reformers tried to purify the church?

John Wycliffe, Jan Hus, Catherine of Siena, and Desiderius Erasmus

Why did reforms set out to improve education in the united state?

Reformers thought that education made children responsible citizens.

Why did reformers believe public education was important?

Reformers wanted change. Education opens up a lot of doors for people, and allows for much more intelligent ideas to be produced. By educating people, it sets a standard.

What was a common belief of 19th century educational reformers?

Education will reduce crime.

How did reformers change women's education?

well in the late 1800s women were able to go get a an education so that is how women got education

What was the Urban reformers goal?

To "repair" the deficiencies in education, working skills, and self-discipline.

Why do you think reformers pushed for free public education?

Martin Luther and John Calvin wanted people to learn how to read so they could read the Bible for themselves and wouldn't listen to one groups opinion. This is why reformers pushed for public education

By 1860 what advances Had been made in public education?

Special schools. some reformers took steps to improve education for people with disabilities.