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Dr. Ganderbai suggests using a mongoose to kill the krait that is hiding in Harry's underpants. Despite some initial skepticism, he successfully lures a mongoose into the room and it swiftly kills the krait, saving Harry's life.

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I don’t know

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What is the climax in poison by Roald Dahl?

harry's conflict with the poisonous snake. Harry is racist and had to rely on the Indian doctor in order to survive.

Characters in poison by Roald Dahl?

The characters in "Poison" by Roald Dahl are Harry Pope and Timber Woods. Harry tells Timber about a poisonous snake that bit him, and Timber tries to help him by immersing his hand in boiling water to suck out the poison. However, the twist reveals that Harry had actually been lying about the snakebite to test Timber's loyalty.

What are the characteristic of Harry Probe in the story of Poison by Road Dael?

In the story "Poison" by Roald Dahl, Harry Pope is a character who is fearful, paranoid, and suspicious of his friend Ganderbai. He is also manipulative and deceitful, as he falsely accuses Ganderbai of trying to murder him in order to gain sympathy and attention. Ultimately, Harry's actions reveal his selfish and cunning nature.

Who is the Protagonist of poison by Roald Dahl?

The protagonist in Roald Dahl's "Poison" is a man named Harry Pope. He finds himself in a life-threatening situation after being bitten by a snake in his garden. The story explores themes of fear, trust, and deception.

How many bros did Roald Dahl have?

Roald Dahl had 3 brothers and 4 sisters

Who are Matilda's parents in Roald Dahl's book?

Her parents are Harry and Zinnia Wormwood.

What is the falling and rising action of Beware of the Dog by roald dahl?

In "Beware of the Dog" by Roald Dahl, the falling action occurs when the protagonist discovers that he is not in a hospital but in an enemy's headquarters, and that his legs have been amputated. The rising action builds as he gradually realizes the truth due to subtle clues and discrepancies in his surroundings.

Who was Roald Dahl's favorite character in the book Matilda?

Mrs. Trunchbull was Roald Dahl's favorite character because she inspired him to get the story funny and add a little bit of action.

How much money was Roald Dahl paid for the Harry Potter books?

Nothing. Roald Dahl did not write Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling did.Dahl died the same year J.K. Rowling came up with the idea and seven years before it was published. He would never have heard of the series.

How long was Roald Dahl at war?

Roald Dahl served in the Royal Air Force during World War II for about four years, from 1939 to 1945. He was a fighter pilot and saw action in Greece and North Africa.

In poison written by Roald Dahl how do you know timber woods and harry pope are british?

In "Poison" by Roald Dahl, Timber Woods and Harry Pope are likely British based on the language and cultural references used in the story. Their manner of speaking, phrases they use, and the setting of the story help indicate their nationality.

What is the climax falling action and resolution of the witches by roald dahl?

In "The Witches" by Roald Dahl, the climax is when the Grand High Witch turns the main character into a mouse. The falling action consists of the main character and his grandmother coming up with a plan to defeat the witches. The resolution occurs when the main character successfully outwits the witches and remains a mouse with his grandmother's love and care.