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What planet does titan orbit around?


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Titan Orbits Saturn because its one of its moons, so say if Saturn was earth and titan was the moon, the moon would orbit the earth.


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The first criterion in the definition of planet is that it must orbit a sun or the remnant of a sun. While Titan does orbit our Sun, it does so indirectly. Titan is under the direct gravitational control of its planet, Saturn, and not the Sun. The reason Titan is not considered a planet is that it isn't the dominant object in the neighbourhood of its orbit around the Sun.

No. Titan is Saturn's largest moon. It is larger than the planet Mercury and would be considered a planet if it had its own orbit around the sun.

Titan is a moon the orbits around Saturn. This is a planet.

Titan is one of Saturn's moons.

an object in orbit around a planet

Titan revolves around Saturn, the sixth planet from the sun, and second largest in the solar system. Titan is one of Saturn's 61 moons.

A planet in an orbit greater than any of the others.An object in orbit around a single planet is a moon or satellite of that planet.

none the orbit is around the sun

No, a moon is a natuaral satellite and would always be in orbit around a planet. If it did'nt orbit the planet it would fall into the planet.

There is no planet named Titan. Titan is the largest moon of the planet Saturn.

A planet is in direct orbit around a central star, while a moon is in orbit around a large body (a planet) rather than in a direct orbit around a star. The moon orbits the planet, while the planet orbits the sun.

Titan is the 2nd biggest moon of the Solar System, and is in orbit of Saturn. And yes, Titan is biggest than Mercury.

The orbit of a planet around the sun is called an ellipse.

That is called the orbit. Planets orbit around the sun.

A planet orits the sun and the moon orbits the planet.

Planets are in a direct orbit around the sun, while moons are in a direct orbit around a planet, while orbiting the sun.Planets are in direct orbit around the sun. A moon is in orbit around a planet, so is not in a direct orbit around the sun.

The path along which the planets move around the sun is called "the orbit" of a planet. Same for the moons of a planet, they "orbit" around a planet.

the planet moves around the orbit because it is heavy and strong enough to pull its self in a circle around the sun. Thanks!:)

Titan is a moon of Saturn, not Pluto. Pluto's main moon is Charon. Regardless, neither Titan nor Charon are planets because they do not orbit the sun. Titan orbits the planet Saturn while Charon orbits the Pluto-Charon barycenter.

The planet Saturn has 62 moons. 53 of these moons have an actual orbit. The largest of these moons is Titan.

I am not familiar with planets evolving around any singular planet. If you are referring to orbit, the planets orbit the sun, a star, not a planet, in our solar system. Some planets have moons in their orbit.

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