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Earth is roughly twice the size of Mars.


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Mars. Not Mars. Jupiter is a lot bigger than Earth, but the Sun is much bigger than a planet.

Earth is bigger then Mars Mars has frozen water and the Earth has bothe liquid and solid water. The man leave on earth and cannot produce life on mars^_^ Mars is known as the red planet while the earth is the blue planet

Earth is much bigger than Mars Earth's diamater is 12,756km, while Mars' diamater is 6,787kmEarth

Earth is bigger than mars because its the biggest inner planet out of all four inner planets.

Earth is much bigger than Mars

Jupiter is the 5th planet out from the Sun. The planet Mars (in 4th place) is right in between our planet Earth and Jupiter. Is 1000 times bigger than earth!

No, the planet Mars is the 4th planet from the Sun and the planet next to Earth.

The Earth is the 3rd planet from the Sun while Mars is the 4th. There is no known planet in between the Earth and Mars.

The planet after the Earth is Mars.

the planet after earth is mars

No, Mars is not the closest planet to the Earth. Venus is

Earth is larger than Mars, but Earth is not the largest planet.

Mars is the first planet after Earth in the Solar System. This makes Mars the fourth planet from the Sun.

No, Earth is bigger them Mars.

Earth is the nearest planet from Mars.

Earth is 300 ft. bigger than Mars

It is scientifically proven that Earth is about 6.6 times bigger than Mars.

earth is bigger than mars

Mars is smaller than earth

mars is the second nearest planet from the earth and the fourth planet from the sun between the earth and mars is 59million kilometres

Venus is BIGGER then Mars.Venus has a diameter of 12,104 km where as Mars is only 6,787 km.Venus is bigger than Mars. Venus is the sixth biggest planet in our Solar System and Mars is the seventh.

No, the moon is not bigger than planet earth.

Venus, Mercury, and Mars. Pluto is not longer categorized as a full planet, but when it was, Earth was bigger than it, too.

Mars is the fourth planet counting outwards from the sun (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars,...). The question is a misapprehension - there are no planets on earth - the only planet around here IS Earth.

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