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Of the planets in our solar system, Mars has the lowest surface gravity of around 38% of earths - over one third. This comes closest to the 25%. We then have moons and dwarf planets, but these have much lower surface gravities.

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the gravity on other planets is different than that on Earth. For example, the gravity on Mercury is 38 percent of that on Earth. The gravity on Saturn is 91 percent of that on Earth.

Yes. All planets have gravity. Earth is one of those inner planets.

All massive objects (including all planets) have gravity.

there are planets in this universe that have less gravity than earth other than the our moon. example By vegeta === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === === ===

No. The sun's gravity keeps the planets, including Earth, in orbit around the sun.

No. Jupiter, by far, has the strongest gravity of all the planets in the solar system, more than twice the surface gravity of Earth.

All planets have gravity, not just Earth.

answer is mars but all planets have a gravitation effect on the earth even gas planets

Simple. Gravity! The planets are dragged in by the gravity of the sun.

No. Of the planets in this solar system, Jupiter, by far, has the strongest gravity.

Because of Earth's size, and considering it as one of the smallest planets, it has a weak gravity compared to the OTHER planets. Most planets have greater gravity because of their size. Earth has a stronger gravity compared to mars, mercury, and venus.

Both Jupiter and Neptune have greater gravity than Earth.

The sun's gravity keeps the earth and the other planets in orbit around it

Earth has gravity rather than other planets.

Yes. All planets have noticeable gravity.

All the planets have gravity, gravity is a universal force, it keeps the solar system and all the galaxies together.

Without Gravity, there would be no life at all on Earth. There would also be no Earth, since planets are held together by gravity.

You know that no planets actually orbit the earth right? ...?

It makes the planets orbit it. Just like the Earth and the Moon.

Yes. All planets have gravity. Gravity at Uranus "surface" is 88.6% that of Earth.

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