What plant does Hermes give Odysseus?

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Hermes gives Odysseus a sprig of Moly to protect him from Circe's spells. Moly is an enchanted herb which can only be uprooted by gods.
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How does Hermes help Odysseus?

Hermes convinces Calypso to release Odysseus, by informing her of the Olympus' gods decision regarding Odysseus. Later in the story, during a flashback, Odysseus and his cr

How did Hermes affect Odysseus?

Two instances: 1. When Odysseus is on the island of Calypso, Hermes comes as a messenger to persuade Calypso let Odysseus go. 2. Hermes gives Odysseus advice on how to av

Who is Hermes in the Odysseus?

The Odyssey; Odysseus was the protagonist ;) Hermes is the Messenger of the Gods. He was sent to help Odysseus on his travel, he acts as a channel. #RandomInfo: He was th

When does Hermes help Odysseus?

Hermes helps Odysseus at the end of his 7-years on Ogygia with Calypso, and just before he meets up with Circe.

What did Hermes give to Odysseus?

Hermes gave Odysseus several things: 1. A chance at escaping back to Ithaca when he tells Calypso to free Odysseus. 2. A sprig of Moly to resist Circe's magical charms.

Why does Hermes want to help Odysseus?

His motivations are not thoroughly explained, although it is assumed that he wants to help Odysseus because: . He wishes to obey the wishes of the gods of Olympus. . He wi
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How is Hermes related to Odysseus?

Chione caught the eye of Hermes and she gave birth to Autolycus- the father of Laertes who proved himself in both the hunt for the Calydonian boar and the quest for the Golden
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What does Hermes give?

Hermes gives Odysseus the moly plant.