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What plant is ethanol made of?


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Ethanol is either formed from a dehydration reaction of ethene and water catalyzed with concentrated sulfuric acid. Or as a waste product of yeast.

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There is no plant that is made of ethanol. Ethanol is a biomass energy source made of grains and corn.

plant that produces ethanol are grains like millet

Renewable ethanol can be made by: * Fermentation of celluloose derived sugar * Fermentation of plant derived sugars * Hydration of biosourced ethylene

Ethanol is made form corn.

Ethanol is made from plants, mainly corn.

Ethanol is made from sugar beets, sugar cane, corn, wheat, and barley. The sugar is extracted, microbes are introduced, ethanol is produced. That is how ethanol is made.

no vodka is made from potatos ethanol is made from corn

ethanol is not "found", it's made by the fermentation process.

Yes, it is the source of corn whiskey. Ethanol can be made from any sugar or starch.Corn doesn't make ethanol. The yeast that consumes the corn produces ethanol as a waste product.

Ethanol can be a biofuel if it is obtained from vegetable matter. It can also be produced by the hydrogenation of ethylene in a refinery or chemical plant.

Ethanoic acid is made of: Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon (All so known as Ethanol)

Ethanol is made up of carbon , hydrogen, and oxygen. Its formula is CH3CH2OH

It is made from absolute ethanol. Use M1V1 =M2V2.

because it is made out of corn and it is a plant and it has low emission but fossil fuels have high emission.

Ethanol and biodiesel, made from plant matter instead of petroleum, can be blended with or directly substitute for gasoline and diesel, respectively.alright m8 xxxxxx

yes, it is a lipohilic plant and will dissolve in alcohol.

CORNAnswer:Ethanol fuels can be made from many plant materials containing starches and sugar. This would include cellulose waste, grains, potatoes, sugar cane, or waste foods/Obviously the worst sources would be the usable food products as they can be purposed for human or animal consumption.Industrially, ethanol can be made from etylene from natural gas production, ot ethylene created as a by-product in petroleum or petrochemical manufacture.

The percentage of gasoline that is ethanol differs according to the type of gasoline measured. On average, though, most gasoline is at least 13% to 15% ethanol made from corn.

ethanol is made up of carbon hydrogen and oxygen and has the molecular formula CH3CH2OH

sugar solution acted upon by live yeast. The by products are ethanol and carbon dioxide

any sugar and yeast so fruit and bread then distilled you got ethanol

Ethanol is alcohol made from corn/sugar cane, etc. it is the same alcohol you drink. Cars that run on ethanol, have different fuel lines, injectors, ECU programming since ethanol runs at a different ai/fuel ratio than gasoline.

Any Plant, such as an Ethanol Plant, that could run a boiler by burning biomass instead of coal.

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