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Cacao Trees smell like white chocolate.

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What flower smells like chocolate?

Chocolate cosmos is one. There is a Chocolate vine with pretty purple flowers. The Chocolate Daisy has a yellow flower you can put in salads. Some people say that Carolina Allspice smells chocolaty. And some say that Sharry Baby orchid smells of chocolate. Another one is the chocolate mint geranium and a chocolate mint mint plant.

What does melted chocolate smells like?

any kind of chocolate smell makes me gag, so i got to say it smells like a stunk put gas on it a 1,000,000,000 times

What country has a butterfly that smells and tastes like chocolate?


What is the name of the Brazilian butterfly that smells and tastes like chocolate?

There isn't really a butterfly in Brazil that smells or tastes like chocolate. However, the Archaeoprepona demophoon is a chocolately brown color & smells like vanilla, probably due to it's food source.

What is the appearance of white chocolate?

White chocolate looks exactly like milk chocolate except it is white.

Plant smells like fritos?

Corn is a plant that smells like Frito's. The popular snack food is consists of corn chips, salt, and flavoring.

Is white chocolate baklava good?

It sure is, if you like white chocolate!

Did the milky bar kid like White chocolate or not?

White Chocolate :)

What type of chocolate do you like?

white chocolate

What are green tea chocolate balls?

A type of ball with green tea coverd on it and white chocolate in the middle. So if you like white chocolate you'll like it because it tastes just like mushy white chocolate

What does a pitcher plant smell like?

it smells like a bad strawberry

What plant has yellow flowers and smells like licorice?

curry aka icicle plant

What is a Stapelia plant?

The stapelia plant is a plant of the tropical jungle which looks and smells like rotting meat.

Does white chocolate spoil?

While white chocolate *can* spoil by developing mold, it is very uncommon unless you have kept your white chocolate in a humid place for a long, long period of time and/or it has been poorly wrapped. White chocolate is particularly more unlikely to develop mold than milk or dark chocolate because of the large quantity of sugar used to make it. However, white chocolate (because of the cocoa butter in it) *is* very prone to picking up ANY smells that are nearby it. For this reason, it's not recommended to store it in your refrigerator because it will pick up refrigerator smells and affect the taste. So, while white chocolate stored in this manner may be safe to eat and not spoiled, you may not like to eat it if the flavor is compromised (ewwww :p)

What smells are crickets attracted to?

Crickets are attracted to the smells of decomposing materials. They like to eat decomposing plant material which is why they are attracted to those smells.

What plant has purple flowers and smells like licorice?


What is the scent of a flower?

The scent of a flower, or plant, is what it smells like.

What plant growing wild smells like dill?


What type of plant is this - furry leaves that smells like mint?

it is probably a mint plant.

What is white chocolate special?

White chocolate is special because it is not prepared like regular chocolate. Some people debate if it is even chocolate what-so-ever.

What does a female aloe Vera plant look like?

the female aloe plant looks like a weed plant and smells like fish. :) thx and have a good night.

What is black and white and smells like fish?

A interracial threesum

What does the color white smell like?

smells like air the color clear

What does Osama bin Laden smell like?

Wikipedia states osama uses axe chocolate body deodorant. So like chocolate. And now he's dead, so he basically smells like chocolate and dead body.

Why a white air that smells like antifreeze is coming out of car heaters?

white air that smells like antifreeze coming out of heater, indicates that you need to replace the heater core in your is leaking

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